The following contains a list of notable changes in SAFEQ Cloud.


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

3.33 [2023-05-19]

+ Updated UI with simplified installation steps for deploying embedded terminal.
x Added ability to set up FujiFilm BI terminal for push print with Output Type “PDF” (no requirement for Postscript to be installed on MFP).
x Added ability to deliver print jobs in the most efficient way from any configured storage (e.g. jobs will be routed directly from PC Client to the MFD if available, otherwise they will be routed via the cloud).
x Card plugin and card service will always be installed.
- Job list order fixed in the terminal UI so that the most recent jobs are at the top of the list.
- Finishing options (Punch & Staple) are now working when using push print with FUJIFILM BI devices.

Mobile Apps
+ Enhanced iOS and Android apps and HP Workpath terminal with user_token security.

x Added printer information to Documents History API.
- Fixed issue with Access Control List (ACL) inheritance properties when updating ACL via API.

PC Client
- Fixed issue with user being logged out from PC Client for Mac when the client is offline when refreshing OIDC token.

Single Driver
- Fixed issue with landscape documents in non-standard formats (e.g. envelope, ledger, check, etc.) being incorrectly rotated when staple or punch is applied.

- Fixed issue with users being unable to authenticate when duplicate group names exist in Google Workspace authentication providers.

- Fixed issue with Date/Time picker text being obscured by cursor when hovering in Reports UI.

3.32 [2023-04-25]

Ricoh SDK/J Legacy Embedded
- Ricoh legacy embedded terminal works again after removal of an expired Ubiquitech certificate from the truststore.

FujiFilm BI Cloud Embedded
+ Advanced finishing options defined by user when submitting the print job via SAFEQ Cloud PC client are respected when the user releases the job at the FUJIFILM BI Cloud terminal.
+ Added Quick scan workflows.
+ Scanning added to Quick action screen.
+ Unified Embedded UI.

FujiFilm BI Cloud Terminal UI is unified with other Cloud Terminals.
+ Added card activation at Cloud Terminal.

Card activation at the Cloud Terminal is now possible.
- Simplex push print is now working.
- Visual bug removed from the UI.
- With a long Fullname, the Logout button is displayed correctly.

Lexmark Embedded
- Card self-registration is now possible for Local users at Lexmark MFDs with YSoft card reader.

Public API
+ SAFEQ Cloud API endpoint date/time matches the actual job release date/time.
- Documents/history API endpoint is filtering for the “PRINTED” status.

- Authenticated users are now prevented from printing jobs of other users via job ID tampering.

Web Client
- The text in the middle panel retains a proper color.

Chromebook extension
- Removed fallback to email authentication when “disableAuthentication” is enabled. Users can only authenticate via token ID.

3.31 [2023-03-31]

FujiFilm BI Embedded
+ Added the possibility to refresh pending jobs.
+ Added ability to receive simple scan jobs via SwA in SAFEQ Cloud.
+ Fujifilm BI terminal can now release print jobs directly from the cloud.
+ Streamlined installation of the embedded terminal.

Xerox Embedded
- After registering a card with OTP, an “Authentication failed” message is displayed, and users must log in again.

HP OXPD Embedded
+ Enhanced UI

Public API
+ Customer can get information on users’ group membership via Public API.

Card Registration
+ Enhanced Refo script allows inactive user cards to be used again.

+ Improved UX for a better admin experience.
+ Improved Dashboard in web UI.
- In SAFEQ Cloud web UI, the colors in the middle of the panel are not turning gray.

SAFEQ Cloud Android App
- EOP App does not overwrite the setting from duplex to simplex.

Web Client
- KM Web Client session at MFD can not be hijacked by other users from a web browser.
- Sharp Web Client session at MFD can not be hijacked by other users from a web browser.

PC Client
- PC Client 3.27 is not randomly logging users out.
- Chrome extension does now sync with Email auth and GSuite.

Message service
- The number of characters in messaging template was increased.

3.30 [2023-03-01]

Fujifilm BI Embedded
x Added support for Fujifilm BI embedded terminal.

HP WorkPath Embedded
+ Updated HP Workpath Embedded to version 3.29 (check the documentation for update requirements).
- Enhanced HP WorkPath with user_token security (check the documentation for update requirements).
- Added print options button.
- Fixed changing subject and filename when scanning to show updates while typing.
- French UI update.
- Correction in French localization.

KM IWS Embedded
+ Updated KM IWS terminal to version 3.30.
- Fixed Card swipe becomes irresponsive after the “Back” button is pressed during card registration.

KM OpenAPI Embedded
- Added Security enhancement against XSS attack.

Xerox Embedded
- Fixed error during login for Xerox Altalink devices.
- Jobs are correctly displayed in print queue.

- Fixed error message when logging in at printer with card ID imported from common Azure AD attribute.
- Fixed “400 Bad Request” Azure Graph API call error when utilizing custom fields for card ID mapping.

Public API
- In document history, documents are recorded under correct device when the jobs are sent with the “serialnumber” parameter.

PC Client
+ Added option for PC Client to enable custom port monitor instead of IPP.
- Wrong copyright year display in windows client.

SAFEQ Cloud Server
- Fixed correct sorting of job list if requested through “jobs” endpoint.
+ Updated logic so that administrators can’t enable WPS on Secondary Server.

3.29 [2023-02-03]

PC Client
x Added Czech, Slovak, and Polish language support.
- PC Client 3.27 no longer logs the user out when switching to offline mode during token refresh.
- Fixed the certificate-related connectivity issues when upgrading from versions older than 3.15.
- Fixed memory error on shutdown related to Windows network events handler incorrectly deregistered upon application termination.

x Added Czech, Slovak, and Polish language support.
- Workflow Processing system (WPS) service is now hidden behind a feature flag.

x Added Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Polish, and Swedish language support.

x Added Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Polish, and Swedish language support.
- Fixed the issue with “Internal server error” displayed when the device can’t print.

- Card swipe now stays responsive after the “Back” button is pressed during card registration.
- Password containing the “&” character no longer causes failure during card registration.
- Jobs with empty names no longer trigger error messages.

Sharp OSA
x Added Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Polish, and Swedish language support.
- The users are no longer redirected back to the login screen after logging in.
- Punch function is now working for 4 holes on Sharp.

Ricoh SOP
- Print jobs containing both A4 and A3 pages are printed correctly using their respective formats.

x Added Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Polish, and Swedish language support.

3.28.2 [2023-01-16]

x Enhanced internal API token access control security.

HP OXPd Embedded
- Enhance escaping of invalid characters from document titles.
- Fixed issue with installation failing in specific model configurations with a non-derived FaultException.
- Fixed issue where in some configurations card reader PID/VID issue would occur after sending configuration to device.


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