General configuration

General settings

Login to MFD as a system administrator and go to the Device settings.

Go to: “Device” – “System Settings” – “System Clock / Timers”.

  • Time Zone
  • Date
  • Time

Configure NTP

Go to: “Device” – “System Settings” – “System Clock / Timers”.

  • NTP time synchronization: On
  • NTP server address

Security settings

Change the administrator’s User ID and password

In the address bar of your web browser, type https://[DeviceIP] (substitute [DeviceIP] with the IP address of your device).
The following screen will be displayed.
Click “Log In”. An authentication dialog pops up.
Type in admin credentials.

Go to: “Administrator” – “Profile”.

Click “Edit” under “User Details” to change, enter a new user ID name for the administrator, and then click “Save”.

Click “Change Password”.

Enter the current password, type the new administrator password twice, and then click “Save”.

Log in as an Admin user for the next steps.

Machine Digital Certificate

The certificate is by default installed. It is not necessary to generate a new one unless you wish to.

Go to: “System” – “Security” – “Certificate Settings”.

SSL/TLS (optional step for security hardening)

Go to: “System” – “Security” – “SSL/TLS settings”.

By default, Apeos has TLS 1.2 enabled.

Plug-in settings

Go to: “System” – “Plug-in Settings”.

Enable the “Embedded Plug-ins” option.

Web browser settings

Go to: “Apps” – “App Settings” – “Web Browser Setup”.

Make sure that “Web Application Version” has selected value “V5”.

Protocol settings

Go to: “Network” – “Network Settings” – “Protocols” and verify protocols you would need are enabled.


Check that “Port (HTTP/HTTPS)” is set to “Enable All”. If you change it to “Enable HTTPS Only”, the HTTP port will be disabled.


To receive print jobs via IPP/IPPS, IPP must be enabled.

Port 9100

To receive print jobs via TCP/IP RAW, Port 9100 must be enabled.

Card reader settings

Enable Card Reader support

Go to: “Permissions” – “Authentication and Accounting” – “Advanced Settings”.

Set “Use of IC Card” to “On” and click “Save”.

Scan related settings

Enable auto-completion of email address in native scanning application

Go to: “Apps” – “Scan” – “Add Me”, check “On”, and click “Save”.

Go to: “Apps” – “Email” – “SMTP Settings” – “Setup”.

Set the “Device Email Address” and “Server Settings”.

Under “Scan Controls”, click “Add Me”.

Select “On” and set “Add to:” to “To” or  “Cc”.

Click “Save”.

You may optionally configure the “‘From’ Field”.
Under “Common Settings”, click “‘From’ Field”.

Change the “Edit ‘From’ Field” option to “Logged-In Users Only” and click “Save”.

Device NVM setup

Accounting settings

It is necessary for Apeos to report the accounting of print jobs to SAFEQ Cloud. If not done, Apeos will require authentication for print requests and store print jobs without authentication information in the internal storage.

The FUJIFILM BI partner engineer has to navigate to the “NVM Read/Write” screen, enter “Chain-Link” 701-436, and set the value to 0.


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