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SAFEQ Cloud API documentation

Public API is accessible on HTTPS port 7300. The base API path is /api/v1.

Plain API is accessible on HTTP port 7303 if this option is enabled for the api service.

All functions require an X-API-Key header to be present which holds an API key.

If API key header is missing, an HTTP error 403 (forbidden) is returned.

All functions follow RESTful design. They can return either application/json or application/xml MIME type depending on the Accept header. By default JSON results are returned.

For POST requests they are sent as request body with application/x-www-form-urlencoded type.

Depending on API key settings a user and/or device token might be required to be provided in the Authorization HTTP header when calling API endpoints.

SAFEQ Cloud contains a very broad range of API’s internally to control virtually every aspect of SAFEQ Cloud. If you’re missing a capability or a function in the API, contact us, and we’ll extend this public API as needed.
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