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Authorization code flow

This feature is supported on primary servers only.

The authorization code flow is a method by which an OAuth client obtains access and refresh tokens. The access token allows access to resources based on the user's permissions, while the refresh token enables an application to maintain a valid session without requiring user action. This implementation utilizes the default API key.

The implementation adheres to the specifications outlined in The OAuth 2.1 Authorization FrameworkThe well-known configuration is, by default, available on port 7400. The path is /oauth/v1/.well-known/openid-configuration.

Error responses from the OAuth 2.1 specification are expanded with the x_error_code field, which includes an implementation-specific error code:

    "error": "error_code",
    "error_description": "textual error description"
    "x_error_code": "more detailed error_code, specific to this OAuth implementation"
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