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OAuth error codes

The following implementation-specific error codes are currently defined. They are part of the error_description.

  • not_implemented – request not implemented
  • access_denied – access denied
  • missing_signature – missing request signature header
  • invalid_signature – invalid request signature
  • invalid_parameters – invalid parameters
  • invalid_client_secret – wrong API key
  • token_refresh_error – error occurred while refreshing a token
  • token_create_error – error occurred while creating a token
  • invalid_device_code – invalid or expired device code
  • invalid_client_id – invalid client id
  • authorization_pending – authorization pending, keep polling
  • invalid_response_type – invalid response type parameter
  • invalid_key_type – invalid key type parameter
  • invalid_endpoint – client not found in the database
  • endpoint_not_authorized_for_device_token_refresh – endpoint is not authorized for the token refresh operation
  • invalid_client_for_signature_verification – cannot verify signature for client
  • invalid_grant – the given grant type is not supported
  • duplicate_client_id – the device is attempting to register using a client_id that is already associated with another device. Please contact the administrator.
  • error_saving_endpoint – there was en error when saving the endpoint
  • token_create_error – error occurred while issuing a token
  • authorization_pending – authorization pending
  • expired_device_code – the provided device code has expired
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