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Version History

The following contains a list of notable changes in SAFEQ Cloud API


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

Build 3.46 [2024-06-27]

- The API no longer allows deletion of the Local authentication provider.

Build 3.45 [2024-06-11]

- If the request does not contain the "Content-Type: form-data" header, the response status is no longer 500.

Build 3.44 [2024-05-09]

No changes from the previous release.

Build 3.43 [2024-04-04]

x Administrators can now create multiple values per API Access Key, thus streamlining the administration.
x GetAccount API now includes Account UUID.

Build 3.42 [2024-03-07]

No changes from the previous release.

Build 3.41 [2024-02-08]

+ Added a get user by username endpoint.
+ Page orientation now respects the request specified in the API request.

Build 3.40 [2024-01-11]

- The Document history endpoint now returns the jobtype property.
- The use of full API access keys is now discouraged in order to enhance security.
- Whenever the API returns a 403 error due to missing permissions, it also returns the list of the missing permissions.

Build 3.39 [2023-11-02]

No changes from the previous release.

Build 3.38 [2023-10-05]

x Added the ability to manage access rights.
x Improved security of document history API by adding role-based access.
x Increased security by only displaying API keys once when generated. The ability to view existing API keys is removed.

Build 3.37 [2023-09-07]

x Updated backend API key security.
x Added AUD (audience) claim to API access tokens for improved security.
- Adding authentication providers using API (/authproviders) now works correctly.

Build 3.36 [2023-08-10]

x Added public API for Scan Workflows. (The Scan Workflow feature is currently hidden by default and may not be available for your account.)

Build 3.35 [2023-07-13]

No changes from the previous release.

Build 3.34 [2023-06-26]

No changes from the previous release.

Build 3.33 [2023-05-18]

x Added printer information to Documents History API.
- Fixed issue with Access Control List (ACL) inheritance properties when updating ACL via API.

Build 3.32 [2023-04-25]

+ {ShortProductName} API endpoint date/time matches the actual job release date/time.
- Documents/history API endpoint is filtering for the "PRINTED" status.

Build 3.31 [2023-03-31]

+ Customer can get information on users' group membership via Public API.

Build 3.30 [2023-02-24]

- In document history, documents are recorded under the correct device when the jobs are sent with the "serialnumber" parameter.

Build 3.29 [2023-02-03]

+ Added public API for pulling the embedded terminal configuration.
+ Added public API endpoint to record print/copy/scan jobs.

Build 3.28 [2022-12-15]

x Device code workflow requests changed from GET to POST.
x Device code workflow: the public/private keys are optional now.

Build 3.19 [2022-02-03]

+ Add admin functions to create/delete/update locations in the LocationsRequest endpoint
+ Extend InputPortsRequest endpoint and add an additional optional locationId parameter to the creation function
+ Add optional description field to the output port creation in OutputPortsRequest
+ Extend OutputPortInfo with the following fields: description, embedded config, protocol, model family, output type, serviceId, serial number

Build 3.16 [2021-10-13]

+ Added Documents History API

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