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SAFEQ Cloud documentation

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Terms and Definitions

SAFEQ CloudA cloud-based print management service.
Gateway/Edge deviceA local device, such as Y Soft OMNI Bridge, installed at the customer site. This device provides site services and serves as a bridge between local users, devices, and SAFEQ Cloud.
YSoft OMNI BridgeYSoft OMNI Bridge is a piece of hardware manufactured by Y Soft.
Pure Cloud printing

A service with architecture (printing method) based on MFDs that support pure cloud terminals. This scenario does not require edge devices.

Edge printing

A service with architecture (printing method) based on MFDs using standard embedded terminal technology which can connect to a local Edge device (providing site services). Suitable for situations where Pure Cloud printing is unavailable or not wanted (for example, if customers want to keep print job data local to their network, or they have a wider portfolio of devices than is supported by SAFEQ Cloud pure cloud terminals).

MFDMulti-function device (a copier).
SFDSingle-function device (a printer).
SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

A web interface used by partner admins to create customers (tenants) in SAFEQ Cloud and by customer administrators to manage their tenants centrally.

Personas and roles

Managed Service Provider (MSP)The role with the highest set of privileges in the SAFEQ Cloud service, responsible for service availability and maintenance. Has access to all customer settings. Is responsible for SAFEQ Cloud web UI maintenance, monitoring, deployment of updates etc.
PartnerA partner of MSP. It can also be a reseller (a partner of a partner). In some parts of the documentation referred to as "Vendor."
CustomerThe customer of a partner and, at the same time, a representation of the customer in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI. This representation is sometimes called Tenant. Each Customer has its own admin. This can be the partner admin or the customer admin.
Partner admin

An administrator in the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI who can (if agreed with the customer) manage settings in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI on customer's behalf. In some parts of the documentation referred to as "Vendor admin."

Customer admin

An administrator on the customer side with rights to manage settings in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI.

End userA persona within a Customer's SAFEQ Cloud instance that is permitted to print/copy/scan.
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