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The following contains a list of notable changes in SAFEQ Cloud.


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

2.4.1 [2018-11-07]

+ Added “Monochrome printer” option in the output port settings
+ Add support for keyboard emulation wedge readers on Konica Minolta
- Fixed issue where KM embedded could set incorrect settings on device if another auth already set

2.4.0 [2018-11-05]

+ OKTA authentication support
+ Added new Canon embedded terminal
+ Add support for Ricoh SLNX Share embedded terminal in SAFEQ Cloud
+ Expanded caching for improved login experience on embedded clients on poor connections
+ Ability to have containers
+ Ability to move an account/vendor/printer/service/server from one place in the tree to somewhere else
+ UI for API Access Key management
+ Extend unattended install option with service bootstrapping
+ Increasing security registering a secondary server
+ API function to create input ports
+ Add language selection to account settings (for future use)
+ Ability to configure separate JVM and thread counts for services
+ Support for Canon Postscript universal printing
+ Ability to remain logged in with Custom Login in PC client
+ Popup notification if custom login and user has not signed in to PC client
+ Local users (such as guests) are now part of a local group called [Local users]
x Hide Download buttons in Log view
x Hide options to modify print output settings on KM embedded client
x Adding a new access control will now copy the inherited permissions if new access is first one
x Modify OKTA authentication to allow for username attribute specification
x Set SAFEQ Cloud universal driver to BW as default
x Automatically set default print queue in PC client to pull print or first push queue
x Enhanced authentication caching for quicker MFD login
x Added official support for Sharp
- Fixed Sharp Embedded with missing part in the display
- Fixed issue with password in clear text on display in Sharp Embedded
- Fixed issue where secondary gateway on version earlier than 2.3.1 appeared offline in UI with newer primary
- Fixed issue with passwords containing special characters in PC-Client

2.3.3 [2018-09-17]

- Fixed issue with deploying to Ricoh MFD’s not configured for TLS1.2
- Fixed issue authenticating against IBM Domino LDAP

2.3.2 [2018-09-05]

- Fixed issue with conversion service causing delays in some configurations
- Fixed issue with printing multiple copies on HP printers and pull print release
- Changed output of account details outputted in log file

2.3.0 [2018-08-30]

+ Ability to easily configure high availability clusters for primary servers
+ Ability to use Equitrac embedded release terminals with SAFEQ Cloud
+ Ability to run service on multiple servers
+ Unattended installation of SAFEQ Cloud server
+ Extend Users UI to also show and edit non-local users
+ Ability to restrict user access to input ports based on user/group permissions
+ Change SAFEQ Cloud secondary gateways to not use direct DB connection
+ Ability to deliver print job data via IPP and IPPS in document output service
+ Added Strict domain validation feature
+ Ability to delete Pending jobs
+ Allow split of LDAP user and group lookup into different search DN’s
x Increase security in configuration files
x Restrict Web TLS security to 1.2
x Add view log permission
x Expand installer connection port check for all required ports for primary
x Changed handling of mobile print jobs if an unknown page size is detected
x Improved loading of left navigation tree
x Changed default permissions for roles Reporting and Users
- Changed starting of secondary servers if restarted in offline cache mode
- Fixed issue where no email address supplied to MFD’s for scan to email
- Fixed issue where adding private key chain to the root vendor broke relay document transfer
- Fixed PC Client wrong paper size
- Fixed issue where some jobs could stays in Windows spooler on client
- Fixed Ricoh printing issue with universal printer driver
- Fixed issue where Local auth provider on secondary server configured with primary auth service causes authentication delays
- Various UI improvements when editing printers or viewing print history
- Various UI improvements to installer for more helpful error messages
- Fixed issue where color print job released as BW was counted as color
- Fixed issue when deleting an account

2.2.2 [2018-06-05]

- Fixed issue deleting an account, causing broken deletion of triggers
- Fixed issue with card enrollment failing for certain scenarios of LDAP users

2.2.1 [2018-06-04]

- Sending certain PS jobs registered as PDF

2.2.0 [2018-05-29]

+ New PC client for Windows and MacOS for automatic creation and deletion of SAFEQ Cloud universal driver and print queues on PC workstations
+ Triggers and Automations engine for rule based workflows and automated tasks
+ Improve installer checks for common pitfalls; missing dependencies, firewall ports and similar
+ Ability to set SNMP community names for Xerox embedded configuration
+ Implement job deletion based on retention time (32 hours by default)
+ Added support for Mobile Print from Apple iOS and Android Apps
+ Added support for native Apple iOS AirPrint with Wide Area Mobile Print feature
+ Added ability to optionally specify UserID, username, authentication provider ID and account domain name in IPP URL
+ Added QR code generation for printers
+ Display server version in Server Settings
x Expand API for creating and deleting triggers and automations
x Added option to enable/disable scan application for HP embedded (scan app not relevant for FS4 models)
x Added loading indicator on Access Controls search
x Expand the input and output port Pending Jobs and History with additional data
x Extend public API to accept an extra header as an account domain name
x Preset default HP card reader values in UI to simply HP setup
x Extend API with ability to register cards to existing users and create users with cards
x Enhanced HP client for better compatibility with FS4 generation HP firmware
x Improved error handling for KM embedded deployment when KM device is locked, in use, in error or similar
x Enhanced KM embedded to support strict TLS 1.2
x Many minor Web UI improvements
x Enhancements for future proofing primary servers for backwards version compatibility with old secondaries
x Make email optional when creating user via API
x Enhanced page counting of jobs of certain types
- Fixed issue with document name and number of pages incorrect while printing from the Edge browser directly
- Fixed UI issues with LDAP and OU configuration
- Fixed issue where user in specific cases could create two of same services pointing to the same server
- Fixed issue with duplex printing as simplex if set from HP embedded
- Fixed issue with Scan app on HP gives error on FS4 models
- Fixed issue with Sharp embedded giving no relevant error if wrong login with card registration
- Fixed issue with KM Embedded where clicking Logout in the embedded terminal did not log the user out

2.1.0 [2018-02-19]

+ SAFEQ Cloud Reporting 1.0
+ Azure Active Directory Authentication
+ Ability to delete accounts, servers
+ Major improvements to future backwards compatibility
+ Major performance improvements
+ Added permission to control if users can modify logos on accounts
+ Interface for modifying USB card reader vendor and product ID’s for HP MFD’s
x Disable Web UI on secondary gateway servers
x Expand public API with output port and account creation calls

2.0.1 [2018-01-24]

+ Added Lexmark embedded support
+ Added Sharp embedded support (BETA)
+ Added region support for KM client (EU vs US)
x Improved secondary server performance when using embedded clients
- Bugfix for secondary server deployment when server hostname was not in /etc/hosts file
- Fixes and improvements for certain LDAP configurations

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