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The following contains a list of notable changes in SAFEQ Cloud.


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

3.18.4 [2021-12-21]

x Log4j upgraded to version 2.17

3.18.3 [2021-12-16]

x Log4j upgraded to version 2.16

KM IWS Embedded
- Fixed card reader login errors with card readers being removed & not being detected
+ Update to allow OpenAPI & IWS devices to read card numbers in the same way

3.18.2 [2021-12-11]

- GSuite Connection Fix
- Fixed authentication errors on UK Clusters
- Addressed password issue on Canon devices

+ Debian 11 Support
x Backported OneQ terminal configuration library
x Log4j critical vulnerability fixed

HP OXPd Embedded
x Update HP OXPd client to the latest libraries, build tools & IDE
- Fixed screen resolution detect error

Kyocera Embedded
- Fixed Simplex printing

Ricoh SOP Embedded
x Updated error messages
x Updated Spanish translation on Device UI
- Fixed Unknown Terminal error post configuration
- Fixed issue with Custom Certificates

PC Client
+ HP “Print from USB”

x Update Java JRE to latest Java 11
x Cache improvements

+ Ping/Azure Group Sync Prompt
x Primary EU search updated to allow searching from the root account
x Search, Delete & Sort options added to Endpoints page on Web UI
x Updated French translations on Web UI
x Updated German translations on Web UI

3.17.2 [2021-11-19]

x Updated keystore request handling

3.17.1 [2021-11-11]

x Updated thread pool allocation for AutomationTask
- Fixed issue with Azure permissions for SSO
- Fixed issue for LDAP user with group access control gets “Invalid credentials” error when logging into printer

3.17 [2021-11-04]

x Updated logic for applying licence for Azure user not yet created in SAFEQ Cloud

+ Added data model for Named User Profiles

x Updated Sharp embedded client for improved scaling on different screen sizes

+ Added Search by Account ID
+ Added Search by servers
+ Added Search by domain

PC Client
+ Added command line switch for Offline Printing for remote installation
x Updated PC Client for installation of MacOS version 10.14 and earlier
x Updated French translations errors in PC Client
- Fixed issue with locking PC Client to local storage mode

x Updated thread pool creation for Automations

x Updated French translations in WebUI Endpoints
x Updated French translations in WebUI Reporting
- Fixed issue that allowed addition of blank customer to vendor

3.16 [2021-10-13]

+ Extended API with Documents History
x Extended logging with API Request Rate metric
x Added filtering for URI parameter in /gateway/endpoint for imporved security
x Updated DSP API

+ Added Ping authenticaiton to available EveryonePrint HCP Authentication providers
x Updated logic to expire unauthenticated sessions faster
x Improved logging for card authentication using client authentication for expired users
x Updated internal messaging despatcher settings to improve performance
- Fixed issue with blank page displaying after successful authentication with Azure AD

HP Workpath Embedded (pending upload to HP Command Centre)

x Improved printing speed for complex jobs stored in cloud on HP Workpath
- Fixed stapling finishing option when using cloud storage for HP Workpath

KM IWS Embedded

+ Added option to remove Copy button from IWS Embedded for SFP devices support
x Enhanced logging for application errors
x Implemented fallback to English translation if language pack not installed
x Updated Swedish translation
x Enhanced user feedback when printing is complete
- Fixed issue with scan error if filename contains special characters

Ricoh SOP Embedded

+ Added mandatory flag for device username and password in Ricoh embedded configuration
x Updated logic for reading card IDs for case sensitivity
x Removed Y Soft branding from Ricoh SOP embedded client
x Updated German translations
- Fixed issue with incorrect branding being displayed if configuration cannot be loaded
- Fixed intermittent 403 error while deploying Ricoh SOP
- Fixed mismatch error with version number in Extended Info feature on printer

Xerox Embedded

x Updated VendorName to prevent installation errors on some Xerox devices


x Updated installer logic for Linux version detection


x Updated TLS version for emails sent using triggers


- Fixed ouput options override issue for output release from Mobile app on Android

PC Client

+ Added support for Apple Silicon (ARM) M1 processor devices
+ Added Offline Push-Print option for PC Client in local storage mode
+ Added client-based authentication with Google
+ Added client-based authentication with Ping
+ Added German language
x Updated PC Client front-end technology
x Improved PC Client synchronisation when network status changes
x Updated icons for PC Client
x Updated client-based authentication to use OpenID connect
x Improved Terminal Services/Remote desktop notifications
x Improved logging for network-related issues


+ Added active/expired state of users with client based authentication
x Updated customer user expiration field with input validation
x Increased timeout for UI relay for long-running request
x Deprecated ADFS client identity type in SAFEQ Cloud provider settings
x Updated to sort printers for Push ports in alphabetical order
- Fixed UI issues with newly created items not always displaying immediately
- Fixed incorrect version number in server view after upgrade
- Fixed cache issue with Access Controls
- Fixed intermittent issue with SAFEQ Cloud Portal Internal error when downloading logs

3.15.5 [2021-09-23]

- Fixed issues in UI where newly created/updated/deleted items may be displayed inconsistently

3.15.4 [2021-09-09]

- Fixed cache issue where adding Access Controls on a Vendor could make child items disappear temporarily
- Account without language/locale set fails to load

3.15.0 [2021-09-03]

+ Added support for Brother embedded devices
+ Added search by card ID for users
+ Added Dutch language
+ Added German language
+ Added Spanish language
+ Added integrity check for service used by offline Secondary Gateway
+ Added integrity check for Access Control
+ Added integrity check for domains within multiple authentication providers
+ Enabled DOS filter by default
+ Added source request IP address in URI filter to Debug log
+ Added input validation for SSO XML Metadata URL field
+ Added Ricoh branding for installers
x Enhanced performance for dashboard loading
x Added paging to retrieve more than 200 groups for Google Authentication group sync
x Updated UI to retain selected language as default
x Updated Terminal Service API to be compatible with custom certificates
x Updated logging to include server metrics
x Updated HW ID for SAFEQ Cloud printers in Windows
x Updated workflow for “Download&Print” for local storage mode
x Updated logic for PC Client connection/disconnection events
- Fixed PC Client version mismatch in UI

HP Workpath

+ Added Spanish language support
x Updated Workpath to SDK v1.5.0
x Updated Android to SDK v29 for compatibility with SDK v1.5.0
x Updated manifest files
x Updated application with check for valid server host before getting configuration
x Updated application with check for cached printer configuration
x Updated logic to load configuration screen if cache is empty
x Simplified card reader service start
x Updated error handling for logout workflow
x Minor UI improvments
x Updated logging information
- Fixed issue with card authentication after reboot
- Fixed issue with “Failed print job” message when job printed correctly
- Fixed issue with Scan to My Email button being displayed when disabled in configuration
- Fixed issue with “Loading configuration” message remaining on display
- Fixed issue with card swipe failure requiring multiple swipes or device reboot
- Fixed error when new card is swiped
- Fixed issue with “B&W” trigger not being actioned with PC Client in Gateway mode
- Fixed issue with Workpath app intermittent failure on FW


- HP OXPD: ‘Install and configure’ issue is fixed
- HP OXPD: colour print issue after the client installation no longer appears
- HP OXPD: application is no longer getting stuck after log in


+ Added Polish language
+ Added Swedish language
+ Added Norwegian language
+ Added Compact Scan option to IWS embedded
x Improved pull print mechanism to execute jobs in background and check and display status
x Added multi-part data transfer for scan jobs
- Fixed Duplex copy issue
- Fixed Script Access Error for Copy when paper tray empty
- Fixed tray selection issue for copy job
- Updated French language translation errors
- Fixed Incorrect duplex parameter from IWS record job
- Fixed memory issues when printing
- Fixed issue when user is automatically logged out during multiple print jobs and printing stops
- IWS – Download and Print – fixed issue with “Preparing job” displayed until printer enters sleep mode
- Fixed issue in print processing view when IWS server is not reachable (Note: “Server not reachable” error message relates to IWS server and not SAFEQ Cloud – error message should be updated to reflect)
- IWS – Month in the default scan file name is wrong
- Fixed scan job runs out of memory errors
- Fixed Scan failed and after MFD reboot all docs are sent to the last logged in user issue
- Fixed issue with display showing “STOPPED” until printer enters sleep mode when paper jamis forced in document feeder
- Fixed UI issue when user has a longer username
- Fixed stapling issue not being applied when printing in the gateway mode


+ KM Open API: Added APACH region support

3.14.0 [2021-05-17]

+ Case-insensitivity for usernames added to SAFEQ Cloud PC Client
+ Added option to trim control characters from card # on SAFEQ Cloud OXPd
+ Several process pop-ups and user feedback added to Ricoh SOP Embedded UX
+ Added Automatic SP Mode configuration on device for Ricoh SOP Embedded installation
+ OSS licensing information added in Server and PC Client
+ Added German language to the driver
x Improved error messages on Chrome Extension
x Improvements to backend reporting
x Improved Load balanced service handling when filtering for distinct service/server combinations
x Logic and behavior of the refresh button on Ricoh SOP has been improved
x Improved French and Dutch language fixes in Ricoh SOP Embedded
x Card enrollment logic on Sharp Embedded has been updated
x Improved Swedish translations in Sharp Embedded
x User handling for users with same username in different authentication providers has been updated
x Improved rendering for PDF’s with signature
x Minor Improvements for SAFEQ Cloud Web UI
x Performance enhancements made for SAFEQ Cloud Web UI
- Fixed issue with login and sync of printers in Chromebook
- Fixed issue with cluster membership of gateways or PC clients after irregular connection loss
- ‘Unknown Terminal’ Bug in Ricoh SOP Embedded fixed (Please see updated Manual)
- Issue with Scan to Portable USB Storage on Ricoh SOP Embedded is fixed (Please see updated Manual)
- Cosmetic issues on Ricoh SOP Embedded has been fixed
- Issue with Logo image quality on Sharp Embedded has been fixed
- Fixed issue with movable UI on Sharp Embedded
- Issues with generating QR code is fixed
- Fixed issue with ignored provider ID when retrieving a list of documents for a specific user

3.13.0 [2021-04-08]

+ Display “Offline” status in job list on embedded for offline jobs
+ Added IPP authentication option and validation to account settings
+ Added support for Ubuntu 20 LTS
+ Added ability to load XML Metadata from a file in non-default conf location
+ Added support for HTTP strict transport security
x Improvements to intercluster communication
x Improved account-servers view for ease of use
x Optimized SAFEQ Cloud Web UI response and performance
x Changed logo upload size to max 200kb
x Improved error messaging for location adding and editing locations
x Added input validation for allowed IP’s in API access key
x Added httponly flag for cookies
x Updated x-frame options for protection against Cross-frame scripting (XFS) attacks
x URI upload is no longer supported for documents end point
x HTTP TRACE / TRACK Methods disabled
x Security improvement preventing concurrent sessions by same user in SAFEQ Cloud
x Improved performance on user import
x Enhanced WorkspaceeONE/AirWatch compatibility for Y Soft Mobile APP
x Optimized logic for HP Workpath Embedded for enhanced card reader experience
x Discontinue use of port 7310 (Only relevant for SAFEQ Cloud 2.x server version)
x Updated content security header (CSP)
x Updated x-content-type-Options
- Fixed UI timeout issue for high volume group sync with Microsoft Azure OAuth2 authentication
- Fixed issued with landscape mode from bypass tray on Konica Minolta
- Fixed issue with staple logic for landscape documents
- Fixed issue with triggers for manual tray selection
- Issue with French language in Xerox Embedded fixed
- Updated Ricoh SLNX Share API to to display job properties correctly
- Fixed Ricoh SLNX Share API mapping for short-ID authentication
- Fixed issue with private cloud update for primary and secondary server types assignment
- Fixed issue with embedded UI to show documents as “Offline” when document storage is not available
- Fixed issue with Chrome Extension user authentication token expiration
- Fixed issue with Chromebook extension rejecting certain symbols in the password
- Chromebook extension issue where print queues did not automatically synchronize at login fixed

3.12.0 [2021-03-11]

+ Added password policy option for local users
+ Added API key expiration options
+ Added support of POST on public API /login
x Optimized authentication lookup process for card authentication
x Optimized port/service preloading
x Updated required rights for Azure Authentication provider
x Updated Default Permissions for User & Reporting
- Updated SAFEQ CloudUpdater component directory usage for remote install on Private Cloud
- Fixed issue with User token acquisition
- Fixed XSS prevention in My Printers screen

PC Client:

+ Added connection check prior to submitting print jobs
x Added signature for uninstaller
x Optimised channel disconnection protocol when PC goes into standby mode
- Fixed Unattended installation problem with macOS PC Client on Big Sur
- Fixed reinstall issue macOS PC Client on Big Sur
- Fixed issue with trigger generating Short ID when not set

Chrome Extension:
+ Enhanced Chrome Extension with user_token security
+ Option to bypass login in Chrome extension
- Chromebook extension test connection error message updated

Canon Embedded:
+ Support for new canon devices
+ Added support for DNS configuration

HP OXPd Embedded:
x Update HP OXPd to FutureSmart 5 SDK 1.8.2
x Updated Scan to my email OXPd for ‘Ballpark device’ compatibility
x Updated OXPd UI to fit “Ballparks devices”
- Updated OXPd to use legacy UI for devices not able to render the updated UI
- Failed history purge bug fixed
- Queue fails to remove document name from queue after printing in offline mode
- Optimized authentication response timing
- HP OXPd Refresh button optimized

Konica Minolta IWS embedded:
+ Add language options for French, Danish and Dutch language

Konica Minolta Open API:
x Updated Dutch language translations

Lexmark Embedded:
x Updated French language translations
- Pull Print icon not showing up on Lexmark printer after embedded installation on new devices

Sharp embedded:
- Fixed card-enrollment issues for wrong username

Xerox Embedded:
+ Added TLS v. 1.2 for Xerox devices that can use TLS 1.2
x Modify Dutch text in the Xerox embedded
x Embedded French Translation on Xerox Embedded enhanced
- Pullprint app did not show after pushing embedded on Xerox AltaLink C8055
- Xerox Altalink C8170 configuration issues fixed

3.11.0 [2021-02-06]

+ Added option to sign SAML requests with private certificate chain
+ Added option to import xml metadata for SAML SSO
+ Extended API with token-based authentication for additional security
+ Extended permissions for API keys
+ Added option for API key to utilise unauthenticated requests
+ Added option for API to allow untrusted endpoints
+ Added option for API keys to automatically trust endpoints
+ Added option for API keys to be restricted to allowed IP ranges and subnets
+ Added new Endpoints view and Endpoint data model
+ Added ability to change filename to KM IWS scan
+ Added user token security to KM IWS embedded
+ Added permission for hiding “propogate to child node/reset child nodes”
x PC Client for Mac signature updated
x PC Client updated to allow installation without active connection to SAFEQ Cloud
x Updated PC Client silent installation configuraton with certificate selection by issuer
x Added check for duplicate short ID on user creation
x Updated UI to indicate when job storage is not available on embedded job list
- Update dropdown width scaling issue for Chrome browsers
- Fixed UI issue for IWS Scan to Email view
- Fixed SAML redirect issue

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