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The following contains a list of notable changes in SAFEQ Cloud.


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

3.28 [2022-12-15]

x Device code workflow requests changed from GET to POST.
x Device code workflow: the public/private keys are optional now.
x Simplified registration of new endpoints (printers, gateways, software clients, etc), usage of client-side keys is now optional.

PC Client
+ Added ability to install PC Client in local storage mode while being offline.
x PC Client is now compatible with cloned Windows images.
x Implemented offline mode registration in the core service.
x Added offline mode selection in the installer.
x The default paper size for printers is set based on the user-selected locale.
x Temporary files are now written in the service data directory instead of the Windows temp directory.
x Added client UUID display in the about dialog.
x Added authentication type in the service setup dialog.
- Fixed trigger execution when custom capture variables are used.
- Fixed PC client Windows installer UI on HiDPI displays.
- Fixed compatibility with IWS cloud print.

+ Added Lexmark eSF7 device compatibility.
x Implemented alternative Login method.
x Home screen displayed after authentication on Lexmark.
+ Added Refresh Button for Lexmark Job List.

3.27.3 [2022-10-08]

- Fixed a problem with PC client and gateway communication when they reconnected to the same cluster node

3.27 [2022-10-06]

x Prevent locations being created/updated using wrong values

+ Added uninstallation option for Brother application
+ Advanced scanning options added
+ Automation of IP Setup configuration
x Removed IP address from Scan2Email subject
x Improved UI for copy & scan options
x Improved error message on login fail
x Improved reporting for scanning

x Enhanced security for channel messaging on secondary servers

- Resolved crashing of license counter update

PC Client
x Prevent users from printing once logged out
x Reinstated ability to switch to PDFA setting

x Prevent login of unauthorised users to Primary Gateways via URLs

+ Addition of confirmation window when entering non-unique printer address

+ New Paper Size: 170mm (width) x 210mm (length)

3.26.1 [2022-09-30]

- Resolved connectivity issue between PC Client & Gateways

3.26 [2022-09-08]

+ Add Owning Container ID for Input Ports & Outputs Ports

x Improved token refresh for multi domain Azure authentication providers
- Resolved Ricoh SLNX card enrolment error using OTP

x Correct routing of print jobs to device where it shares an IP address with another device

+ SAFEQ Cloud ARMv7 Support to accommodate future integration with YSoft hardware devices

x Code cleanup to improve maintenance & scalability
x Replaced legacy API EasyTools with CoreAPI
x Removal of old login screens from being displayed
x Prevention of app crash when delete/refresh/print buttons are pressed multiple times

PC Client
x Resolved unnecessary sync events due to PC network changes

+ Upgrade to Sharp OSA 6
+ Auto population of installation forms on deployment
+ Pop-up for credential validation on card authentication
+ Display “Logging in” message on submission of authentication
+ Add button to release multiple PullPrint copies
x Display home screen on login if no pending jobs exist for the user
x Prevent button press whilst Print Job List is being refreshed
- Prevent multiple logins on authentication

3.25 [2022-08-04]

+ Deletion of Azure/LDAP user records via SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

x Use of SAFEQ Cloud CA generated certificates
- Resolved device crash upon card enrolment

PC Client
x Improved authentication token refresh following extended offline periods

+ Group & Department information available in Job History Reports API

+ Display Domain ID for listing Containers, Input Ports & Output Ports
+ Display Location for listing Containers

+ Multi domain support for authentication providers
+ Use refresh tokens for service accounts for Azure Authentication
+ SSO support for Strict Domain Validation

3.24.1 [2022-07-22]

- Reinstate TLS ciphers removed in 3.24 to support PC Clients run on older versions of Windows (8.1 & 12)

3.24 [2022-07-12]

+ Display Domain ID for listing Containers, Input Ports & Output Ports
+ Display Location for listing Containers

+ Multi domain support for authentication providers
+ Use refresh tokens for service accounts for Azure Authentication
+ SSO support for Strict Domain Validation

+ Italian Language Support
+ Audio feedback on button press
+ Duplex & Stapling options for Copy function
+ Support for Develop devices
x Removal of Zoom option from Copy function
x Improved error message for incorrect copy options
x Increased timeout for printing to accommodate large print jobs
- Resolved Chrome Extension printing issues

+ Removal of file names on URLs when accessing files on application
x Cookie-based tokens updated to use “http-only”

x Support for smaller screen devices
- Resolved 500 error when switching customers on the same vendor
- Resolved 404 error on device restart

Rendering Engine
+ Booklet printing for Ricoh Devices

+ TLS 1.3 Support
x Disabled TLS 1.0 & 1.1 on port 9444
+ Update of TLS ciphers to address reported TLS vulnerabilities

+ Support for paper size 180mm (width) x 210mm (length)

3.23.1 [2022-06-16]

PC Client
x Remove the requirement for case sensitive domain names for PC Clients in local storage mode

3.23 [2022-06-08]

x Prevent multiple authentication attempts for incorrect credentials
- Resolved OTP login locking Azure account on multi node environments

x Upgraded handshake protocol between Primary & Secondary Gateways

PC Client
x Update handshake protocol with gateways for local storage mode
x Prevention of printing for accounts with expired licenses

-Resolved configuration error when deploying to Xerox Altalink devices

3.22.1 [2022-05-20]

- Resolved critical error with application not being operable

3.22 [2022-05-12]

x Update of Input & Output Ports via Public API now possible with id field
- Resolved issue with deletion of accounts & containers in Public API

x Replaced MS Azure ADAL with MS Azure MSAL

+ Duplex & Color copy options
+ Advanced options for Duplex, Color & number of copies for print & copy jobs
+ Print job list is refreshed each time it is accessed
+ Copy statistics available in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI Reports
x Configuration lookup now performed under address
- Resolved issue with card enrolment with Azure Oauth2
- Resolved issue with username & OTP authentication with Azure logins
- Resolved an issue with the copy function instability

x Updated logic for gateway certificate expiration check
x Additional logging added for time out events

Embedded Clients
- Resolved issue with Install & Configure not working as expected

x Print jobs are no longer displayed on the print job once complete

- Resolved issue with 500 error displaying after authentication

- Resolved issue with slow authentication & print jobs
- Resolved local user being deleted after embedded application installation

PC Client
+ 1-click download of PC Client logs & configuration
x Updated installer screens to have consistent language for fields required
- Resolved scaling issue on Installation Configuration window
- Resolved token expiration notification not displaying

x Configuration lookup now performed under address
x Card enrolment timeout increased to 120 seconds

+ Reset Child Permissions option for Account Control added

- Resolved renderer failure error

x Updated Java Spring library to latest version
- Resolved issue with IPP printing

3.21 [2022-04-05]

- Resolved issue with LDAP not working over SSL for containers

x Display the PullPrint application even if there are no jobs pending
x Display of username on application for local users
x Ensure all print jobs are removed from the job list once complete
x User is automatically logged out if the device is powered off
- Resolved an issue with the copy function not loading
- Resolved an issue with “print or delete queued jobs” button disappearing

Chrome Extension
+ Checking for internet connection before attempting to connect to SAFEQ Cloud server
+ Warning message if there is no connection
+ Windows style notifications from Chrome Extension for desktop
x Allow authentication by either PC Client or GSuite credentials
x Improved messaging if invalid credentials are input on login

- Resolved a 500 error appearing on pressing delete multiple times

- Resolved card enrolment not working with username & password/OTP

x Update to performance of job retrieval function for Ricoh SLNX, HP Workpath, KM IWS & mobile apps

Ricoh SOP
x Allow Ricoh SOP to be installed with either short id or username/password authentication option
x Automatic login following card enrolment with username & OTP
x Increased stability following log out after printing a document
x Increased stability when swiping on the job list screen
x Improved document name on the job list for longer document names
x UI update for alignment of headers on job list
x Printing continues following logout if jobs are still in the queue
x Ricoh RXOP module updated to version 3.8.7
- Resolved an issue with duplicate printing on job release via card swipe
- Resolved an issue with the wrong date & time displayed on the print queue
- Removed “Please wait” message on login when no jobs are in progress

x Reduction of memory consumption on gateways to increase stability

x Improved handling of closing windows & pop-ups to remove JavaScript errors
x On deletion of accounts, users are asked to enter the account name, replacing the previous checkbox

3.20 HP Workpath Release Only [2022-03-17]

HP Workpath
+ French Language Support
+ Italian Language Support
x Resolved app crashing issues related to HP 5.3 Firmware (Note: device must be upgraded to HP 5.4 firmware)
x Improved printing performance for download & print of large documents
x Resolved stapling issues with gateway mode for PC Client

3.20 [2022-03-08]

+ Additional functions for Public API (See API documentation for additional details)
x Check for duplicate domains when creating an account

x French Language updates

x Migrate document conversion library to Mako SDK

PC Client
+ Italian Language Support
+ Dutch Language Support
- Fixed issue with short ID/OTP not being sent via Office 365 on local storage mode

+ Additional database indexes added
x Refactoring of caching for improved performance
x Updated thread pool for channel messaging
- Fixed caching issues for propagating/resetting child permission

+ Italian Language Support
+ Dutch Language Support
x Prevent deletion of own root account
x Separate domain names onto new lines
x The dashboard will display a message rather than a loading icon to allow you to access other areas of the account whilst the dashboard is loading.
- Display correct timezone for Australian print jobs
- Display correct days on Print Activity dashboard

+ “Authentication UI Language” configuration option added in SAFEQ Cloud UI
x French Language Updates
x Prevent duplicate sign in on Versalink/Altalink
x Updated server address configuration to always use localhost
- Fixed card enrolment issues
- Fixed issue with being able to login following an uninstall
- Fixed issue with WebClientNG not locking/unlocking on Versalink

3.19.1 [2022-02-11]

x Additional logging to identify performance issues

3.19 [2022-02-04]

+ Additional functions for Public API (See API documentation for additional details)
+ OTP connection type for Ricoh SLNX

- Reduce auto logout occurrence for Azure Oauth2

x Auto reconnect for secondary gateway after connection reinstated
x Deletion of jobs from spooler folder on job expiry
x Disable triggers failed with incorrect exit condition
x Log `BootstrapCompleted` event with INFO level
x Upgraded protobuf library
- Fixed fwutil application missing after updating SAFEQ Cloud Gateway

+ Exit button added to device UI
x now used for configuration lookup
- Correction of Duplex & Mono behaviour when selected
- Fixed Card enrolment/login issues

- Removal of APAC region for Embedded Configuration

- Android Mobile layout fix for Job & History list screens

PC Client
x Passwords with characters å ä ö now accepted
x Added additional retries for setting default printer for offline direct printing
- Fixed printing issues following gateway mode change
- Fixed issue with no location available and local storage printing
- Fixed Event 1000 windows crash error
- Fixed issue with PC client not disconnecting following unauthorisation of user

x Additional database caching

x Log4j upgraded to version 2.17.1
x Security update for DEBUG logging to remove sensitive information

x API Keys masked by default
x Asterisks displayed for mandatory fields on all forms
- Fixed “my printers” view responsiveness on EU Prod

x Updated SAFEQ Cloud Driver for use with Accessibility Tools

Xerox Embedded
x Updated French Translations on device UI
- Fixed configuration issues for Xerox 7545

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