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About SAFEQ Cloud

As business models change, customers are moving away from existing, often complex, IT infrastructures. They're getting ready to modernize their print infrastructure and source future-proof solutions to take their print to the cloud. With new technology trends, IT is moving away from traditional on-premise data center hosting and towards cloud-native solutions; similar to other cloud services adopted internally (such as Microsoft, Amazon, or Salesforce), customers want to use “pay as you go” services in their print infrastructure.

A cloud solution allows them to simplify their IT infrastructure and get rid of the complexities associated with traditional print, including multiple print servers, additional infrastructure components, and a user setup that is difficult to support and maintain due to the nature of the print driver configuration and device setup. It also gives them the opportunity to unify and centrally manage all printers across an entire fleet, in multiple locations, so they don't have to suffer under the complications traditionally prevalent with legacy systems in large businesses with a broad presence and a need for a distributed infrastructure, resulting in substantial costs in terms of infrastructure investments and IT administration.

Imagine a solution where this administrative hassle and investment are significantly reduced by allowing customers to move the entire print infrastructure to the cloud. By utilizing a highly scalable Linux Server platform, we have developed a new solution to minimizing, or even removing, customer print servers and introducing an easy-to-use single print driver capability that enables customers to reduce or eliminate their print administration and support overhead. Moving the entire print management solution to the cloud enables the customers to capitalize on the benefit of a “pay as you go” OPEX transaction instead of a CAPEX investment.

What is SAFEQ Cloud

SAFEQ Cloud is a true-cloud software platform that takes print infrastructures to the cloud and makes printing easier and more secure – for IT as well as the end users. It is a cloud-native full-stack platform, capable of providing organizations with full-fledged flexibility and all benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering while accommodating users with all the features of a traditional print management solution. SAFEQ Cloud is designed for elasticity, meaning it easily scales and fits into complex architectures. The solution meets customers wherever they are in their cloud journey, and scales up or down with them–at their pace. The solution offers simplicity, automated workflows, zero-trust security, serverless printing, and a smooth user experience.

SAFEQ Cloud is not only a SaaS offering but also a cloud-native print platform intended to enable solution providers to become a SaaS Print Management provider. SAFEQ Cloud is designed as a white-label product that enables service providers to offer and maintain their entire customer and reseller portfolio in the same highly scalable multi-tenancy cloud solution. This means that SAFEQ Cloud enables solution providers to become SaaS providers and offer their customers all the benefits of a cloud-based print infrastructure solution.

Why SAFEQ Cloud

SAFEQ Cloud is a cost-effective shortcut for you to become a cloud-first service provider almost instantly and enables you to offer your customers all the benefits of a subscription-based service while eliminating the recurring cost of operating a dedicated Print Management environment.

You can choose to host yourself or benefit from Y Soft as your hosting provider. In any case, you will benefit from the same highly scalable Linux technology, be able to reduce or even eliminate print servers, dramatically reduce TCO or CAPEX for your customers, and become the messenger of a strong business case to your customers.

Being able to administer and host your entire customer portfolio from one centralized administration portal will optimize your support efficiency and improve the service level and “time to solution” for your customers.

By selecting SAFEQ Cloud as your print services platform, organizations and service providers will benefit from all the advantages of the newest cloud business models while having all the necessary features available in traditional on-premise print management solutions at their disposal.

Hosting options

SAFEQ Cloud is designed to offer several hosting options depending on which business model is in place. SAFEQ Cloud can accommodate service providers with their own data center, service providers without a data center, and an on-premise private cloud solution for customers with high security requirements. In other words, SAFEQ Cloud enables full infrastructure flexibility so that customers can choose from the public cloud, on-prem private cloud, or a combination of both (hybrid).

Hosted by Y Soft

The platform can be installed in an Y Soft data center. This gives you, as a partner, the ability to provide a hosted print solution without investing in a data center. You get full control of your customers and businesses through the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI as if it was installed in your own data center.

Hosted by you

SAFEQ Cloud can also be installed in your dedicated data center, allowing you to maximize your investment in your existing data center and start delivering a hosted multi-tenant print solution to your customers with your own brand.

Private Cloud

Finally, for customers with high security concerns or customers having to comply with special security and business regulations, SAFEQ Cloud can also be installed as an on-premise private cloud in the customer's datacenter. In this scenario, customers can still benefit from a “pay as you go” monthly subscription while capitalizing on all the other benefits this solution provides.

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