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Account health

  1. Click Account health check.
  2. SAFEQ Cloud will validate the current configuration of the account.
  3. A list of problems will be displayed. Click Solve next to the issues you wish to resolve.
  4. Once an alert is solved, it will not be visible when you click Account health check next time.

Available check alerts:

  1. License validity
  2. License validity in 30 days
  3. Test authentication providers
  4. Check for Input ports without a valid output port
  5. Authentication providers without any authentication service
  6. No authentication providers set
  7. Printers without a document output service
  8. No output ports (printers) defined for account
  9. Embedded printers with no embedded configuration
  10. Embedded printers with no terminal service attached
  11. Authentication provider has no access control assigned
  12. Active authentication providers share the same domain
  13. Secondary servers that host used by printers services are offline

Alert Severity:

  • error – The corresponding functionality will not work properly unless the problem is solved.
  • warning – The corresponding functionality may not work properly in the future.
  • info – The corresponding functionality has not been set yet.
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