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Add extra node to primary server cluster

To add an additional cluster node to a primary cluster, the following must be in place:

1. At least 1 existing primary server installed and configured
2. The primary SAFEQ Cloud database must be configured and available to all primary cluster nodes
3. A DNS must exist for a load balancer which resolve to existing primary server(s)

To add an additional primary cluster node, choose the third option in the installer:

On the next screen choose the type of the database the cluster is connected to:

If Configure database connection later option is selected the installer won’t configure the database but let the user configure it manually in the configuration file. See section Manual database configuration for details. When this option is selected the user is asked a confirmation on the next step. Otherwise enter the details of the existing primary cluster and database:

  • Primary account domain – enter a domain name of the primary top-level account.

For Oracle there will be two screens prompting for two connections: one for eopng_config and another for eopng_documents, with an additional parameter “DB instance” which must match the Oracle database instance name.

The installer will connect to the database and clone the configuration of an existing primary server, so the new node is identical to existing servers, ready to be configured and used.

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