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Creating containers

1. Click on the node under which the container is needed and click Add container at the top of the UI

2. In the container information, enter the required details

Name : Visible name of the container
Domain : A DNS name by which this container can be accessed (Optional)

Default location: This location is used as default for all printers, input and output queues.

Example :
Container 1
Name : East
Domain :

Container 2
Name : West
Domain :

If the above example is followed the setup will look like below,

9.11.3 Moving existing configuration into containers

1. Click on the option on the top-right of the tree and select ORGANIZE TREE
This will enable all the movable elements.

Then, select the node to be moved —> MOVE —> select the location to move the node to —> MOVE

Once the items are moved under the containers, the setup might look like below,

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