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In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI navigation menu, click Embedded.

Use the Embedded section of the administration interface to configure and deploy embedded release terminals for multi-function devices (MFDs).

First, create a configuration for the MFD to which you want to deploy the embedded terminals.

You can have any number of configurations, for example, one configuration for MFD in one building, and another configuration for MFD in another building.

The options that appear depend on the MFD vendor selected. The common options for all vendors include:

  • Device admin username – user name of the device administrator account
  • Device admin password – password of the device administrator account
  • Automatic logout timeout – timeout for automatic user logout due to inactivity, in seconds
  • Print all jobs on card login – release all jobs from the Pull print queue upon user authentication
  • Trim zeroes from card ID – remove leading zeroes from cards upon authentication or card self-enrollment

Choose the MFD which should use the particular configuration.

If you don’t see a particular printer/MFD in the list of available devices, make sure you have configured the Terminal Client Service and you have enabled Embedded Software under the Printer settings.

With a configuration successfully created, you can click the deploy icon

. The following options will appear:

  • Install and Configure – Deploys (or re-deploys) the embedded application and sets configuration.
  • Configure – Sets configuration on previously deployed embedded application.
  • Uninstall – Uninstalls the embedded application from the device.
  • Manual operations – Provides the option to install Cloud Terminal via the Terminal Deployment Tool.

HP Embedded – locked features

It is possible to lock/unlock the following features on HP embedded – Roaming Print/Copy/Color copy/Scan/Fax.

Desired features can be selected to be locked/unlocked in the embedded configuration page for HP devices.

Please note that these features are locked by default.

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