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Google Workspace service account

To use Google Workspace Client authentication, you must create a service account. This will allow you to validate users against Google and synchronize Groups for Access Control.

  1. Follow the steps in Google documentation:
  2. As part of the key creation process, a private key is generated as a JSON file. Save it in your PC. You will need to copy its content into Secret JSON file content form field.
  3. Delegate the service account that you have created for domain-wide authority. Follow the steps from Google documentation: .
  4. You will need the following scopes for SAFEQ Cloud communication:
  5. In the Google Workspace authentication provider form creation, enter the account name that has a super admin role (not service account name!) and paste the content of the JSON file you saved before. Make sure that the JSON file content is wrapped in curly braces { } when you paste it. Click Test to make sure it is working. You can also serialize JSON and paste it as a solid string in between { }.
This approach requires using admin account for service account to impersonate, the possible actions for this impersonation are limited by the scopes you entered for the domain-wide delegation. For more information, see this article by Google.
Check if Admin SDK API is enabled for your project, and if it’s not, enable it: choose your project and type in the search line “admin sdk”

if it is disabled, click Enable button
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