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Install KM Cloud Terminal without MarketPlace

IWS Install Tool is provided by Konica Minolta.

The screenshots in this guide may look different than your version of the IWS Install tool.

If you have no access to MarketPlace in your region, you can side-load the KM Cloud Terminal.

  1. Obtain the IWS Install Tool from Konica Minolta.
  2. Install the tool on your PC.
  3. Request the KM Cloud Terminal application (the SAFEQ Cloud Terminal.iws file) from Y Soft support.
  4. Run IWS Install Tool.
  5. Import the file with the terminal:
    1. Select Install Applications.

    2. Click Import.

    3. Click Browse, select the SAFEQ Cloud Terminal.iws file and then click Next.

    4. Agree with the license and click Import.

  6. Add your MFD(s):
    1. Back on the home screen, click Device List.

    2. Click Add.

    3. Fill in the IP address of the MFD and the administrator password. Click OK.

  7. Install the terminal:
    1. Back on the home screen, click Install Applications.
    2. Select the imported SAFEQ Cloud Terminal application and click Next.

    3. Check the correctness of information about your newly added MFD and then click Install.

    4. After successful installation, click Finish.
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