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Installing SAFEQ Cloud Client in offline mode

In some situations, it is desirable to install SAFEQ Cloud Client offline, i.e. without server connectivity. For example, when the IT department prepares target workstation images to be rolled out on the user PCs.
The installer allows this with an additional installation option, Enable offline installation in the installer UI or with /OFFLINE=true unattended command line parameter.

When this option is enabled, the SAFEQ Cloud Client will not attempt to communicate with the server or register itself as an endpoint on the server side. Also, the client won’t start automatically after installation, so a PC reboot is required. Additionally, SAFEQ Cloud Client will use a machine GUID identifier acquired from the operating system instead of generating a random UUID during installation, for compatibility purposes with cloned PC images.

When the SAFEQ Cloud Client core service starts, it will automatically attempt to register itself against the SAFEQ Cloud server if registration is not done yet. In case it’s not possible (e.g. due to network error), the re-registration will be attempted every 30 seconds.
After registration succeeds SAFEQ Cloud Client will transition to normal operation.

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