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Known Issues and Limitations

SAFEQ Cloud Known Issues and Limitations


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.21Locations can be created/update via API using incorrect formats for the combination of locationData & locationType parameters.
3.0Enabling plain API port on API service doesn’t open port 7303. Workaround is to restart the server hosting the API service.


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.44When log4j2.xml file is updated, the log level on server is set to the value of SAFEQ CloudLogLevel parameter in this file.
3.38Offline server cache is currently not working as intended and is under review.
3.10When using loadbalancer without sticky session, webclients are not supported.
3.0In some configurations, expired jobs not printed counts as printed in reports.
3.0Page range print option does not work for TCP and IPP protocols.


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation


For Microsoft Entra and Okta identity providers, SAML is supported when using Service Account configuration.


Nested/transitional LDAP group memberships are not supported for ACL. Users must be direct members of the group configured in the respective ACL.


Cannot update an access control entry related to an inactive authentication provider.
3.11Duplicate Card IDs can be set for the same user via SAFEQ Cloud Web UI & API.
3.10Google authentication limited to use with Chromebooks for user creation.
3.0IPP can in some configurations fail with “Authentication error” for Windows workstations joined an Azure domain with Azure AD configured in SAFEQ Cloud. Workaround: Use SAFEQ Cloud Client to distribute IPP queues or specify simple username in IPP path.
3.0Azure AD authentication does not support multi-factor authentication “MFA”. To enable 1FA authentication if 2FA is required, is to whitelist the SAFEQ Cloud server making authentication requests in Azure. Alternative is to use the “One-time password” feature in SAFEQ Cloud or Azure/ADFS single-sign-on.
3.0Azure AD Authentication – user cannot login to SAFEQ Cloud if they have a ‘sharepoint admin’ role in Azure AD.

SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.39When using a native scanning feature such as "Scan to my email," the scan job may initially appear as a print job type on the "My documents" page until fully processed.
3.20Errors appear on Web UI when making modifications concurrently on Access Control by multiple users on the same customer.
3.0Internal Error in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI when trying to delete pending print job from shutdown SAFEQ Cloud Client running local storage.
3.0SAFEQ Cloud Web UI screen may become unresponsive after deleting a pending job from a storage which is offline/no longer available.

Mobile Printing

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.24Airprint is not working with iOs version 15.5

SAFEQ Cloud Client

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.27In case of a heavy load, SAFEQ Cloud may start additional nodes and use them to store documents submitted to the cloud. After the load returns to normal, these nodes will shut down in order to conserve resources. As the documents are not stored in a shared cache, it is not possible to release a document stored on a terminated node. This problem can be solved by submitting the document(s) again.
3.19The default printer within SAFEQ Cloud Client may not always be set.
3.15At the moment, you can not set up any default driver options on the SAFEQ Cloud Client for Mac OS. For instance, BW/color and simplex/duplex as default. This is possible on the Windows SAFEQ Cloud lient.
3.0the print queues are not removed if uninstalling just after printing and before logout.
3.0For Citrix thin clients or Windows Terminal Services clients, user or location specific printers are not supported. Print queues created by the SAFEQ Cloud Client on Windows thin clients, are all created as shared among all sessions on the Citrix or Terminal Services host. When the SAFEQ Cloud Client detects the session is running in a Terminal Services session, it will not delete printers on custom logout.
3.0macOS SAFEQ Cloud Client – print + staple using Adobe Reader DC with collate option not working as expected.
SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.10Search function does not return results for Servers. You can utilise the Servers view and filter for Secondary Gateways by status (All/Online/Offline/Disabled/Updateable) to view these.
3.0Nested group lookup not supported.


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.8TLS 1.3 cannot be enabled for channel communications over Port 2560 (messaging between Primary and Secondary Gateway, SAFEQ Cloud Client in “Local Storage” mode and Primary) – Limitation removed from version 3.24

System Infrastructure

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.0On SUSE Linux default installations, the Linux servers own hostname doesn’t always resolve to itself, depending on outside network DNS/DHCP configuration. Make sure the server can resolve its own hostname.


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.0Not all permission checks are enforced. Permissions relating to print functionality, such as Color Print, Copy, Scan etc, are not in effect.

Scan Workflows

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.35Append/Prepend overwrite behavior does not work with PDF/A files produced by OCR.


SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.44The landscape layout for PDF files does not work properly when the user selects the "Print using system dialog..." option in a web browser.
3.38Booklet bind direction Left to Right is always used.

Embedded Applications

General Embedded Functionality

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.22Amount of copies cannot be reduced on embedded clients if job is sent with multiple copies.
3.20Embedded clients are limited to displaying 50 Pull Print jobs at any one time.
3.0Not able to login to embedded release clients in the offline mode for Azure user.

Brother Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.22Incorrect pages & totals are displayed on reports for copies using the duplex option.
3.22Scan reports are not displayed on SAFEQ Cloud Web UI.
3.21Card enrolment does not work with DNS & secure link.
3.21Logout by card swipe does not work.
3.18Unable to uninstall Brother embedded and after uninstalling user can still login & perform print functionalities.
3.15Card swipe from Brother device home page may not enable login – swipe to login from application screen if affected.

Canon Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.13The Canon embedded client only works with DNS using HTTP protocol via port 8704.
3.44Canon Embedded Terminal can be installed only on MFDs in Europe.

HP OXPd Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.22Color scan jobs are registered as BW under Reports.
3.12Devices must have a screen size bigger than 2.7 inches.

HP WorkPath Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.25User department & groups are not displayed on Job History API for Scan jobs.

KM IWS Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.24Copy jobs not reported for bizhub C227 & C250i.
3.15Logout by card swipe not working.
3.15Unable to wake up KM MFD with IWS from sleep mode using card swipe.
3.13No notification or message if the scanned document is too big to be sent by email.

KM OpenAPI Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.25Web client is configured with Short ID instead of “username+password” (on the KM Bizhub C250i).
3.21MS Azure OAuth2 & Okta user login & card enrolment does not work with no domain & OTP.
3.21Logout by card swipe does not work for the currently logged user.
3.21Card enrolment fails for LDAP users if no domain is entered.

Kyocera Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.41Usernames longer than 32 characters are not supported for Kyocera devices.
3.36Y Soft card reader is not compatible with Kyocera terminals.

Lexmark Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.23Copy jobs not displaying under Reporting.
3.22Cannot convert duplex jobs to simplex.
3.22BW jobs are registered as color jobs under SAFEQ Cloud Web UI Reports.
3.0The embedded terminal cannot be uninstalled from the administration Web UI.
3.0Unable to uninstall the Lexmark embedded.

Ricoh SOP Embedded Application Gen1

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.21ShortID & Password characters not hidden immediately by asterix on device.
3.21Using “admin” as a local SAFEQ Cloud admin username cannot login. Workaround is to use a different username for the local SAFEQ Cloud admin user.
3.0Deployment report in UI as Installed in some rare cases despite Device not reachable error.

Sharp Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.23Username & ShortID login options are always available even if not included in embedded config.
3.0User is not logged out by card swipe.
3.0The Sharp embedded terminal cannot be uninstalled from the administration Web UI.
3.0While installing the sharp if the printer is rebooting then status on the GUI is struck in “installing”.
3.0Screen is not refreshed automatically when the configuration is changed from UserId login to ShortId login.
3.0If the card reader is disconnected from the printer, not possible to login with username and password.

Xerox Embedded Application

SAFEQ Cloud VersionLimitation
3.23Xerox VersaLink C605X – Copy Reporting is not working.
3.23Xerox VersaLink – Delete job & refresh job list buttons not working.
3.22Login for previous account still possible after new install & configure.
3.20Card enrolment is not possible.
3.20Advanced print button is not working.
3.0Fails to deploy to C405 and 7845 as these models cannot support DNS/hostname for AuthenticationHostAddress. Workaround is to add secondary servers IP address to Account domains and map to server gateway with terminal service, in which case the IP address is used for Xerox Smart Auth AuthenticationHostAddress.
3.0Copy and scan reporting not supported for Xerox embedded client.
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