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Konica Minolta devices


  • Make sure that you have Cloud Terminal Integration enabled (for information on how to do this, see the  Enable Cloud terminal integration  guide).
  • Konica Minolta MarketPlace is installed on the MFD.


Card readers

  • YSoft Card Readers: If you plan to use your MFDs with the YSoft Card Reader in KM mode, you must configure the Cloud Terminal application as a start-up application (kiosk mode). This limitation does not apply to Card Readers in Keyboard mode. Note that the MFDs must have a correct Loadable Device Driver installed. 
  • Keyboard Wedge: In order to use Card Readers with Keyboard Wedge, the MFDs must have a correct Loadable Device Driver installed.
  • Other Card Readers: See the manufacturer's documentation for installation and setup.

Cloud print

  • Media type selection is not supported.
  • Toner save (economy printing) is not supported.
  • Printing 2 or more pages per sheet is not supported.


  • The Zoom function depends on MFD's ability to autorotate the original. If this function is restricted or not supported, zooming may not work as expected. Autorotate restriction is configurable in device administration: Utility > Administrator Settings > System Settings > Restrict User Access > Restrict Operation.
  • The Zoom function depends on MFD's detection of paper tray's paper sizes. For some devices, you may need to configure the paper sizes in paper trays manually.

Proxy settings

If your MFD needs to access the public Internet via a dedicated (non-local) gateway, such as a VPN with a proxy server, you must perform the following steps in the MFD settings of the browser.

  1. On the MFD panel home screen, tap Web Browser.

  2. In the Web Browser, tap Menu and then tap Settings.
  3. Authenticate with the Administrator password.
  4. Tap Proxy Setting.
  5. Check the Use Proxy checkbox and enter the Proxy Server address and ports.

  6. If the Proxy server needs authentication, check also Enable Proxy Authentication checkbox and fill Account Name and Password in Proxy Authentication settings.
  7. Tap OK to save the proxy settings.

Installing the Konica Minolta Cloud Terminal

Install the terminal from Konica Minolta MarketPlace. The name of the application in MarketPlace is SAFEQ Cloud Secure Print & Scan.

For remote installation, see

For installation at the MFD, see

The Konica Minolta Cloud Terminal supports copying app settings. See

To copy the settings, log in to Marketplace at the MFD or set up periodical sync in the Marketplace app at the MFD. Note that the screensaver on the MFD must be enabled.

If MarketPlace is not available in your region, you can install Konica Minolta Cloud Terminal manually. For more information see Install KM Cloud Terminal without MarketPlace.

Registering the Cloud Terminal in the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

  1. After the terminal installation, you will see the following screen. Note down the endpoint ID.

  2. In SAFEQ Cloud web UI, go to  Endpoints  and find the entry that contains the endpoint ID from the previous step.

  3. Select the entry and click Authorize selected.
  4. Back on the MFD, you will see the following screen. Note down the serial number (SN).

Adding Konica Minolta printer and Embedded configuration in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

  1. In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, go to  Embedded clients.
  2. If not done already, create an embedded configuration for Konica Minolta by clicking  Add.
  3. In  Vendor, select Konica Minolta .
  4. In Application Type, select IWS Gen 2.
  5. Fill in the rest of the configuration according to your needs and click  Save. For more information on embedded configuration, see Embedded.

  6. Go to  Printers (Output Ports).
  7. Click  Add.
  8. In  Vendor, select Konica Minolta .

  9. In  Device serial , enter the serial number that you noted down.
  10. Fill in the rest of the required information according to your needs.
  11. Select the checkbox next to  Embedded software . This will display additional fields related to embedded configuration.
  12. In  Embedded configuration, select your Konica Minolta embedded configuration from the list.
  13. Click  Save.
  14. The MFD will now display a login screen with your chosen authentication type. If not, tap Reload.

Logging in as machine administrator

To change settings and configure the device, you can log in as a machine administrator from the authentication screen or device code flow screen or error screens that might appear instead of the authentication screen.

  1. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.

  2. Fill in the administrator password and tap Login.

Manual application configuration

If you deployed the terminal via the IWS Deployment tool, you must configure your domain and API key.

  1. Log in as machine administrator at the MFD.
  2. Fill in the domain name. You can find it in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI in the Customer information section.
  3. Fill in your API key.

    How to obtain the key:

    1. In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, go to Security > API access keys.

    2. Click Add.
    3. Copy the key value and save the key.
    4. For more information, see API access keys.

  4. Tap Save.
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