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Messaging configuration is used to enable SAFEQ Cloud to deliver messages, such as emails with scanned documents, to users.

A messaging configuration is added for each delivery mechanism, for example, an email SMTP delivery, and a messaging configuration is required for any feature of SAFEQ Cloud using email. Note that SMTP Scan Workflows used by Pure Cloud terminals utilize our globally available SMTP messaging service.

  1. Click Add to add a new Messaging configuration.
  2. Enter the mail servers SMTP settings for outgoing email, including choosing relevant ports and security protocols as needed for the SMTP mail server. Any email service can be used, as long as it supports standard SMTP protocols, including Office365, Google Gmail, Exchange etc.
  3. Select the Messaging service from the drop-down list that will send the email using the SMTP configuration. If no service is already created, you can add it by clicking Add.
  4. You can test the settings by entering an email address to receive a test email, and clicking Send test email. We recommend you to choose an external test email address, to confirm that SAFEQ Cloud can send emails to all users.
  5. If an error occurs, make sure that:

    • A Message Service has been added to a server.

    • Firewalls are open from the server hosting the message service and to the SMTP server on the ports used.

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