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Mobile apps: configure DNS-SD for _discovermobile

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Mobile Apps for iOS and Android are able to discover the Gateway address automatically using a specific DNS-SD service entry named “_discovermobile”

Configure Windows DNS

  1. Right click the domain and select “Other New Records…”
  2. In the “Resource Record Type” window, scroll down, select “Service Location (SRV)” and click “Create Record…”
  3. Enter values:
    1. Service: _discovermobile
    2. Protocol: _tcp
    3. Leave Priority and Weight to default: 0
    4. Port number: 9444
    5. Host offering the service: gateway-name.domain.ext

Verify DNS-SD

  1. On Windows:
    • Open a CMD
    • Type: nslookup -type=SRV _discovermobile._tcp.domain.ext
  2. On the SAFEQ Cloud Gateway
    • Launch the following script: $
    • Enter the domain name : domain.ext

Pre-requisites for successful discovery

iOS devices:

The iOS WiFi settings need to be set up with the proper “search domain”; this is auto-configured by the DHCP server, using Scope Option 015.

You can verify this is working fine in the iOS WiFi settings: select the WiFi connection, tap the (i) then -> DNS.

Android devices:

Android devices are not implementing the ‘Search Domain’ settings; for the _discovermobile SRV retrieval to work, the Android devices must be registered within the correct domain in the DNS server.

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