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My Printers

If your company has many direct queues in SAFEQ Cloud, you can go to the My Printers section and select your favorite queues out of all the queues you have access to (apart from the default queues assigned to you by your admin).

To see this section, you must have the ViewUserInputPorts permission.

  1. Log in to SAFEQ Cloud Web UI.
  2. Click My Printers.
  3. You will see all available Print queues in an expandable tree based on the object tree structure (containers, etc) with the first level expanded. You can expand all or collapse the tree view items using the Expand all and Collapse all buttons.
  4. Each Print queue has a checkbox next to it. If the Print queue has the option Available by default enabled, it appears selected and greyed out. Otherwise, the state is based on your selection.
  5. Click Save changes to save your selections. 

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