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One Wide Area Mobile Print sub domain

If only one Wide Area Mobile Print subdomain has been created (recommended) the configuration needed to instruct Apple iOS devices to query the domain is simple.

Single subdomain configuration on Windows DNS

In addition to a delegation DNS record for the single “” subdomain as outlined in the previous section, create DNS-SD discovery record in Windows DNS.

  1. Under the domain (in this case right-click on _udp and select Other new records.
  2. Select to insert a Service Location (SRV) record.
  3. In the Service field, type in “Anything”, and in Protocol enter _dns-sd
  4. There should now be an _dns-sd folder under _udp. Delete the “Anything” SRV record from within the _dns-sd folder that was created.
  5. Right-click the _dns-sd folder and select Other new records… and select to insert a Pointer (PTR) record.
  6. In Host IP Address enter the letter b and in Host Name enter the Wide Area subdomain such as
  7. Create an additional Pointer (PTR) record with letters lb also pointing to the same subdomain

The final structure should look like below.

Now any Apple iOS device with the search domain set to just “”, will discover the “mobileprint” subdomain and query SAFEQ Cloud for printers.

Single subdomain configuration on BIND

In addition to a delegation DNS record for the single “” subdomain as outlined in section Configure BIND , create DNS-SD discovery record in BIND.

In the domains master zone file, insert the following two DND-SD records:

b._dns-sd._udp IN PTR
lb._dns-sd._udp IN PTR

(replace “” with the actual subdomain as created in SAFEQ Cloud)

Sample BIND zone configuration file for the domain “” with a single “” Wide Area Mobile Print subdomain.

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