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Requirements and limitations


  • Make sure that you have Cloud Terminal Integration enabled (for information on how to do this please follow Enable Cloud terminal integration guide).
  • Make sure that you have a signing certificate selected. To check this, log in to SAFEQ Cloud Web UI and navigate to Security > PKI and encryption. The Signing certificate field must not be blank.
  • The server needs to use a certificate trusted by the MFD. If the server is not using a certificate signed by a publicly trusted authority, this means the Certificate Authority needs to be added to the trust store of the MFD. The deployment tool can be used for the import (see fetch-certificate command for import from SAFEQ Cloud in Terminal Deployment Tool, or see the CustomCA-README file located in <your deployment tool location>\certificates for custom CA creation and import).

    A certificate issued for an IP address will not be accepted by the MFD. The server must use a certificate issued for a domain name.

  • Assign the ViewEndpoint permission to your end users in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI. This is needed for the end users to be able to log in. See Roles.
  • Ports 8705 and 7400 must be opened for terminal communication.



  • In WIM, if you change settings that require reboot, or after you click Reset the machine, you must restart the MFD manually or via the Terminal Deployment Tool. Otherwise, authentication at the MFD will not work for the end users.

Cloud print

  • Selecting input and output tray is currently not supported.
  • Only Basic finishing options (Color, Sides, and Copies) are supported.
  • Jobs are always printed as Collated
  • If matching size is not available, printer prints job on available paper. This will result in job not being printed properly.
  • Optimized print delivery is used to release print jobs locally without transferring them through the cloud, if allowed by network visibility. Optimized print delivery has the following limitations:
    • Print progress during an optimized print delivery is not supported.
    • If a problem with the MFD occurs during an optimized delivery, such as paper jam, no print error message will be visible.
  • When a user submits a duplex job with landscape orientation from the Mobile app or legacy mobile print, the short-edge / long-edge setting is reversed.
  • USER_AUTHENTICATION__PRINTER SP option must be set on "1." If set to "0," G2.5 machines cannot print via direct print and optimized print delivery.
  • If the MFD goes offline while a print job is waiting, it will display a notification regarding the print job status within a 20-minute window.
  • Username and filename are not filled in on the native Job History screen.


  • Scan Workflows with JPEG output format will result in a TIFF output file if the color was set to Black and White or the color was Auto and the MFD detected a black and white document.
  • Email method scan file size is limited to 18MB. If the scan file size is over, the email is not delivered. There is no extra notification of such an event.
  • The scanned document is lost if the device is powered off before scan delivery completion.
  • If the MFD cannot detect the paper size automatically, the scan cannot be made.
  • If you modify a scan workflow that is currently being used by a user at the MFD, the scan workflow will be started with the original settings. To apply the new settings, the user must close and open the Scan application or log out and log in again.
  • If the MFD's HDD is full, an error message or "Upload unsuccessful" message may not appear.
  • Date picker dialog: An incorrect month/year may be randomly displayed above the calendar view in the dialog window when the default is not a valid date.


  • USB Print accounting is not supported.
  • G2 scan and copy jobs are accounted for in batch. Reports include one job for every started scan with 0 pages and one additional job with all pages done during a user session.
  • At the latest, G2 scan and copy jobs are accounted for during the user's next login.
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