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SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

SAFEQ Cloud Web UI is web interface used by vendor administrators to create customers (tenants) in SAFEQ Cloud and by customer administrators to manage their SAFEQ Cloud settings in one place. For Web UI functions intended for end users, see SAFEQ Cloud Web UI for end users.

The address of the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI consists of the domain set up during the installation/creation of the tenant, or the account domain, and the respective ports, ie, http://domain:8080 or https://domain:8443.


Vendor administrators can navigate between individual customer tenants by hovering over the name of their vendor account in the navigation menu. This will display the SAFEQ Cloud system tree. Once you click the customer tenant name in the right part of the tree, the left part of the menu will display information related to that customer, and the right part will be hidden until you hover over the top of the menu again.

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