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Scan workflows

The Scan workflows feature (scan to email, SharePoint, and OneDrive) is available only in the Y Soft-hosted cloud environment and only with pure cloud terminals (FUJIFILM BI, HP Workpath, Konica Minolta, Ricoh).

Scan workflows create digital content from paper documents consistently and accurately. Configure scan workflows in the Scan Workflows section of SAFEQ Cloud Web UI. Creating a workflow consists of three steps:

  1. Create a connector – A connection to the final destination for the documents scanned via scan workflows. The final destinations are external systems such as Microsoft OneDrive. Each connector supports different settings during workflow creation. 
  2. Create a workflow – specify the name and description and select the connector (the destination). Optionally, you can enable document processing and use variables. 
  3. Set up access rules (access rights) – allow or deny access to selected users or groups of users. 
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