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Using FUJIFILM BI Cloud Terminal

Registering your card

See Card registration at the MFD.

Logging in and out

Logging in

  1. The authentication method depends on how your administrator configured the terminal. You can log in via card, PIN (Short ID), username/password, or their combinations. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    Example for login via card:

  2. You will see the Cloud Terminal home screen – My quick actions application.

  3. If the authentication fails, you will see an error message saying "You have placed unknown or damaged card."
  4. If your card is not registered, you will see a message "Your card has not been activated yet." You must register your card. See Card registration at the MFD.

My quick actions application

My quick actions application enables you to access frequently used functions, such as print all jobs or use a scan workflow immediately after login. The quick action buttons are displayed according to your rights and scan workflows assigned to you.

Printing and managing jobs

  1. Log in to the Cloud Terminal. You will see My quick actions screen.
  2. If you wish to release all of your print jobs, tap Print all.

    If there are no jobs to be printed, the Print all quick action is greyed out.

  3. If you wish to release only specific print job, tap My print jobs.
  4. Select the print job(s) from the list and tap Print.

    Jobs that you have insufficient rights to print or jobs that cannot be printed on your selected MFD will be marked as Unavailable.

  5. If new jobs are sent during your current MFD session, you can load them by tapping Reload jobs.
  6. If no job is selected, you can switch between the Waiting and Printed folders. To see the previously printed jobs, navigate to the Printed tab at the top of the screen.
  7. If you wish to delete a print job, tap the trash bin icon next to it.
  8. After tapping Print, you will see an overlay showing the overall progress and the status of the currently processed job. The status can show one of the following values:
    • Waiting – The job is yet to be processed.
    • Printing - SAFEQ Cloud tries to print the document from any location that has network visibility to the printer. Without network visibility, the print method will change to Downloaded and printing.
    • Downloading - the downloaded print job(s) is being downloaded by the Cloud Terminal.
  9. If some of the print jobs had to be downloaded for printing or when the Cloud Terminal waits for the finalization of the print job(s) by the MFD, the following message will appear: "All jobs were sent to the printer. Waiting for printing to end."
  10. After the last job has been delivered, the following success message will appear: "Your print jobs have been sent to the printer."

  11. If any job fails to be printed, a screen with the following error message will appear: "X/Y jobs failed to print. Please try again or contact your administrator."


Workflows that require user input appear as grayed out and must be accessed from My scan workflows.

  1. You can run scan workflows from My quick actions screen or from My scan workflows screen.

    If no scan workflows are available to you or if scanning is disabled on the device, you will see an error message: "No scanning workflows available. If the problem persists contact the administrator."

  2. My quick actions screen displays the first three workflows from all scan workflows that your administrator made available to you. Tap the workflow you wish to execute. The workflow will start immediately.
  3. My scan workflows screen displays the list of all scan workflows available to you.

    Tapping the info icon (question) will display more information about the workflow.

    Tapping on a workflow marked Input required or taping the cog icon will open the workflow settings.

    Selecting some of the parameters opens a modal window that allows you to search emails, browse folders, or select from a list of available options.

  4. Tap an Instant workflow from the list or tap the cog icon to configure the workflow settings and then tap the Scan button.
  5. You will see the MFD's native scan application.
  6. When the physical scanning finishes, the Cloud Terminal application with the scan progress will be displayed.
  7. If your document was correctly scanned and uploaded to SAFEQ Cloud, you will see a success message. If there is a problem, you will see an error message "Your scan job failed. Please try again or contact your administrator."

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