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Workflow error codes

When a scan workflow fails, the admin will receive an email notification. The email may contain one of the following error codes:

Error code

Error message


Barcode recognition has failed.

WPS-DOCUMENT_SEPARATION-0001Document separation has failed.
WPS-EXTERNAL-0001External processing step has failed.
WPS-EXTERNAL-0002External processing step command finished with a nonzero exit code. Contact your vendor to get the API exit code from the logs.
WPS-HIGHLIGHT-0001Recognition of highlighted text has failed.
WPS-OCR-0001OCR processing has failed.
WPS-REDACT-0001Text redaction has failed.
WPS-ZONAL_OCR-0001Zonal OCR has failed.
WPS-BOX-0001Upload of scan files to Box has failed.


Upload of scan files to Dropbox has failed.
WPS-EMAIL-0001The sending of scan files to email has failed.
WPS-EXCHANGE-0001The sending of scan files to Exchange has failed.
WPS-EXTENSION-0001An error occurred on the extension connector.
WPS-HPRM-0001An error occurred on the HPE Records Manager connector.
WPS-ONEDRIVE_BUSINESS-0001The upload of scan files to OneDrive has failed.
WPS-ONEDRIVE_BUSINESS_OAUTH2-0001The upload of scan files to OneDrive has failed.
WPS-ONEDRIVE_BUSINESS_OAUTH2-0002The user did not authorize the OneDrive storage.
WPS-SCRIPT-0001An error occurred on the Script connector.
WPS-SHAREPOINT_ONLINE-0001The upload of scan files to SharePoint Online has failed.
WPS-SHAREPOINT_ONLINE_OAUTH2-0001The upload of scan files to SharePoint Online has failed.
WPS-SHAREPOINT_ONLINE_OAUTH2-0002The user did not authorize the SharePoint storage.
WPS-CORE-0001The processing of scan files has failed.

The scan job size limit has been reached.

SQ-WPS-0001SAFEQ Cloud was not able to reach the WPS service.
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