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The following contains a list of notable changes in YSoft SAFEQ Cloud.


+ Added feature
x Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

Build 3.41 [2024-02-08]

+ Added additional Scan Workflow processing steps, including barcode recognition, page separation, and highlighted text extraction and redaction.
x Updated OCR engine for improved document recognition performance.

Web UI
x Added target Server Name to Server Information page to improve the administrator's user experience.
x Added a "search" filter to the Embedded clients deployment page for ease of administration.
x Added Server mode to the Server Information view, allowing admins to differentiate between Primary and Secondary Servers easily.
- Improved user data synchronization with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure).

FUJIFILM BI Cloud Terminal 
+ Before releasing a print job, the user can now define print settings at the MFD.
- When printing from the native Fuji driver, print jobs no longer fail because of waiting for the header data.
- Improved user feedback with clear error messages when browsing external directories.

Konica Minolta IWS Cloud Terminal
+ The users can now change the print job finishing options at the MFD (number of copies, mono/color, duplex/simplex options, etc.).

Konica Minolta OpenAPI Terminal
- Fixed authentication issue occurring during specific installation rollback scenarios, causing incorrect user logins.
- Removed sensitive user data from webclientKMOpenAPI.log.

HP Workpath Embedded Terminal
+ Administrators can now view a user's Print, Copy, and Scan transaction data.
+ Users can now delete their waiting print jobs at the MFD.
+ Added the ability to display the custom tenant logo on the terminal.
+ A user can refresh the print job list and see print jobs that have been printed since logging in at the MFD.
+ Users can change the print job finishing options at the MFD, including color/mono, duplex/simplex, number of copies, and tray selection.

+ Added advanced scanning features such as duplex/simplex, merging originals, color/mono, email selection, and folder browsing.

API Enhancements
+ Added a get user by username endpoint.
+ Page orientation now respects the request specified in the API request.

Build 3.40 [2024-01-15]

+ Added the ability to set a trigger condition based on the number of pages in a document
- Print jobs that are converted from mono to color based on a trigger are now correctly accounted for.
- PDFs without a default page size parameter are now printed correctly.
- Guest printing from the mobile app now works when 'enable token access' is enabled.

Web UI
+ Added a new Quick Start panel menu guiding admins to set up push printing in a fast way.
+ Admins can now anonymize sensitive end-user personal information in the dashboard, reports, and all related interfaces.
+ Page separation is now available as a processing step in scan workflows.
x Redesigned the Add and Edit Printers menu to simplify configuration tasks.
x Added the ability to filter Printers and Embedded Terminals by name, printer address, or serial number.
+ Added languages: Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Korean.
- Account names taking up more than one line no longer prevent the admin from scrolling to the bottom of the navigation menu.
- Changed the font used for one-time API key display to ensure letters are distinguishable.
- Rectified UI language when displaying print job submission times.

+ Added page separation as a processing step to scan workflows.

Partner Hosted and On-Premises installations
x Upgraded PostgreSQL version. Due to the nature of the improvement, we removed the auto-updating function of existing PostgreSQL  versions for Partner Hosted and On-Premises installations .

Secondary Gateway
x Upgraded PostgreSQL version and removed auto-update of existing instances due to upgrade reliability concerns.

SAFEQ Cloud Client
x Removed the need to authorize SAFEQ Cloud Clients installed using the preconfigured installer.
- On macOS, users don't need to enter their credentials after a reboot anymore.
- Printer synchronization no longer fails when using authentication types with the domain suffix appended.

- The Document history endpoint now returns the jobtype property.
- The use of full API access keys is now discouraged to enhance security.
- Whenever the API returns a 403 error due to missing permissions, it also returns the list of the missing permissions.

Fujifilm BI Cloud Terminal (terminal version 1.9.0)
+ The terminal can now display the tenant logo.
+ Added Quick Action scan workflows for end-user efficiency.
+ Added languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Korean. Note that this requires validation by Fujifilm. The estimated completion is mid-January.
- When the terminal is loading OneDrive and SharePoint scan destinations, the user is informed about what is happening.

Konica Minolta IWS Cloud Terminal (terminal version 1.00.010)
x The Dispatcher Paragon branded KM IWS terminal is now published under Production Solution Key.
- The brand versioning is now unified, and this is reflected in the terminal version to ensure proper discoverability.
-  Scan and copy jobs are properly accounted for.
- Improved efficiency of releasing many print jobs at once.
+ Added languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Korean. The terminal is released to Konica Minolta. Country-level availability is based on Konica Minolta release processes.

HP Workpath Cloud Terminal (Gen2) (t erminal version  3.40.0)
x Added the ability to log, display, and report the installed terminal version. Note that the terminal requires validation by HP. The estimated availability is mid-February.

Sharp Embedded Terminal
- After enrolling their cards, users are no longer stuck on the enrolment page.

Mobile apps
+ The iOS and Android mobile apps now support OAuth authentication.

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