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Adding IPP print queue manually in Windows

If you are not using the PC Client for Windows, you can print directly from the programs on your computer, by adding an IPP print queue manually. Your administrator must provide you with the print queue address and with information on which print driver to use. When you have this information, perform the following steps:

Windows 10

  1. Enter printer in the Search field in in your task bar. Click Printers & Scanners.
  2. Click Add a printer or scanner.
  3. Wait until you see The printer that I want isn’t listed, and click the link.
  4. Select Select a shared printer by name and enter the address of the IPP print queue that you received from your administrator.

    Information for administrators regarding the print queue format:

    • For non-SSL: http://server-account-domain:8631/ipp/printer-name
    • For SSL (requires valid SSL certificate for the domain): https://server-account-domain:9631/ipp/printer-name
    • Replace server-account-domain with the account domain name which must resolve to the server hosting an IPP service.
    • Replace printer-name with the name or ID of the input port as created in the account Input Ports.
    • We recommend to use the ID of the printer in the IPP URL, so renaming the input port on the SAFEQ Cloud server side doesn’t break any existing client configurations. See the input ports ID under Settings.
  5. When prompted for the Printer Driver, select the one specified by your administrator, or the SAFEQ Cloud Universal Driver depending on your installation.

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