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Google Drive connector


Use the Google Drive connector to deliver scanned files to a location in a selected Google Drive with user-based authorization.

The connector is configured to use non-sensitive access, as recommended by Google. This allows SAFEQ Cloud to access only those files and folders that were previously created by SAFEQ Cloud. While this method is safer than granting SAFEQ Cloud access to the entire disk, it means that users cannot browse folders they have created in their disks or replace/modify existing files.

SAFEQ Cloud communicates with Google Drive via the Google Drive API. Access is granted on a per-user basis using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs.

The following permissions (scopes) are used:




Create new Drive files, or modify existing files, that you created with the application.

To be able to upload and modify (create folders, append into files) content.


Append to PDF might not work properly if two or more users are modifying the same document at the same time due to a limitation in Google Drive's ability to resolve conflicts.

User authorization

If you wish the users to authorize in advance (before going to the MFD), you can:

  • Send them an authorization link displayed in the connector configuration.
  • Advise them to authorize the Google Drive connector on the Authorizations tab in My profile section of SAFEQ Cloud Web UI.

The users can revoke the authorization at any time from their Google account:

Connector configuration

This section does not contain configurable fields, only the link for users to authorize the connector.

Workflow configuration

In the Target Google Drive relative path, enter the folder where the workflow delivers scanned files, relative to the root of the user's drive. For example, Scanned documents/reports. If the folder doesn't exist, the connector will create it.

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