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My Profile

You can modify your profile information directly using the My Profile section of the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI. 

Depending on your access permissions, you can view and/or modify your profile.

If your account is a 'local user' account, you can:

  • modify your full name, email address, and password.
  • generate one-time passwords (see section One-time passwords)
  • generate short IDs.

If your account is a 'directory account' (for example, LDAP or Microsoft Entra ID), you can:

  • generate one-time passwords
  • generate short IDs.

All other information is provided by the remote directory and cannot be changed.

For both types of accounts, some fields can only be changed by the administrator, for example, card ID or document release rights.

What you can do with your profile depends on the following permissions:

  • ViewMyProfile – allows the user to view their profile
  • ModifyMyProfile – allows the user to edit their profile
  • GenerateOTP – allows the user to generate a one-time password
  • GenerateShortID – allows the user to generate a short ID
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