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Kyocera Terminal

This guide is to install, configure and setup the Kyocera embedded which has 6 parts:

  • Kyocera devices hardware requirements
  • Kyocera printer setup
  • Install Kyocera application
  • SAFEQ Cloud Server Setting using SAFEQ Cloud Web UI
  • Kyocera application

Before you begin, make sure that your secondary gateway is configured according to Secondary Gateway mapping.

Kyocera devices hardware requirements

  • HyPAS applications need to be able to run on the device
  • Some devices require additional memory and an additional SD-Card
  • For a list of supported devices, go to SAFEQ Cloud Partnerzone (

Kyocera printer setup

Enable SNMPv3 on the device

Set the aprobi

On the newer model etc. XX54 -> When login the new model had to change the password to the printers serial number, you need to do be sure that the TLS is set in the proper way.

Download the software

The software consists of a bundle (a pkg file) and is available from the Y Soft Partnerzone in the Software folder.

Installing Kyocera application

Using Net Viewer

Installing Net Viewer

To install the client you need to download and install KYOCERA Net Viewer from the below link and then to run KmInstall.exe.

Search for devices

After you run KMInstall.exe, you have to search for devices:

  • Create a folder and select it as the workspace folder
  • Search for devices on your network

  • Set SNMPv3 Username and password

Installing application

  • Select the device(s) where the client is to be installed
  • Click Device > Applications

  • Browse to and select the pkg file
  • Run installation
  • Click the
    icon and activate the application without a license key.

Default Screen Setting

Change this setting if you want the users’ job list to be displayed after he is logged in. You can also set the initial screen after login to be one of the native MFD’s functions.
1. Go to the printer’s homepage
2. Login (Admin/Admin).
3. Go to Device Settings: System.
4. Set Default Screen to Favorites/Application.
5. Set Default Screen (Favorites/Application) to the One Q application.
6. Reboot the device.

Using Kyocera Fleet Service (KFS)

The embedded application can also be installed using Kyocera Fleet Service.
For more information on using Kyocera Fleet Service please contact your Kyocera dealer.

SAFEQ Cloud Server Setting using SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

After the embedded application was installed on Kyocera device, user needs to input the gateway address after he presses on the installed application. For the terminal address, please keep the IP address of the printer. Press ‘Submit’.

After the embedded configuration was created for Kyocera, in order to send the information to the device, user has to press the “Configure” button.

“Install and configure” and “Uninstall” buttons do not work for Kyocera as the application must be installed using Kyocera Net Viewer

Kyocera application

  • Login screen
  • Card enrollment
  • Joblist
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