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Permissions are used to limit the actions users/groups can perform in the system. For editing the permissions inside a role, see Roles.


Available permissions:

  • ViewJob
  • DeleteJob
  • SearchJob
  • AddJob
  • ReleaseJob

SAFEQ Cloud Web UI

  • ViewJob – have access to pending jobs view
  • DeleteJob – have access to delete pending jobs
  • SearchJob – have access to list jobs when using the page search functionality


If the settings Allow unauthenticated requests and Allow untrusted endpoints are set to true for the API KEY that is used, the permissions will not be checked.
  • ViewJob – have access to list documents in endpoint /documents (GET)
  • AddJob – have access to upload documents in endpoint /documents (PUT)
  • ReleaseJob – have access to release a job in endpoint /documents/uuid/address (POST)

Mobile Gateway

The permissions are checked only for api version 5.0.0 or higher
  • ViewJob – have access to list documents for action=getprintjobsforusername and action=downloaddocument
  • ReleaseJob – have access to release a job for action=printdocument, action=printurl, action=getprintjobsforreleasecode, action=printjobtoprinter, action=printjobidtodeviceserial and downloaddocument
action=downloaddocument requires both ViewJob permission and ReleaseJob permission
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