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Print queues

Print queues are created at an Account level within the SAFEQ Cloud system tree and define how users can send documents into the SAFEQ Cloud system for Direct print, Pull print, Storage, etc.

Adding a Print Queue

  1. In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, click Print queues.
  2. The Print queues list shows the name and type of the Print queues configured for the Account. Click Add.

  3. Fill in the following:
    1. Name – The name of the Print queue as it appears in the SAFEQ Cloud system tree.

      The name of the Print queue is specified as part of the URL used to configure the Client devices that send jobs to SAFEQ Cloud. We recommend you to keep the Print queue name short and descriptive.
    2. Queue type – Select between a Direct print queue and a Pull print queue. Direct queue sends the job directly to the output printer. Pull queue sends the job to the Storage Service, where it will be retained and released when a user visits a configured MFD (Roaming Printing).

    3. Printer (Direct print only) – Select the MFD that will print the print jobs sent to the Direct queue.
    4. Available by default – When this option is set, the Print queue will appear for users with access on workstation PC’s, mobile Apps, etc. This option is enabled by default, and it can be changed by the user in their own profile in the My Printers section.

      My Printers

      For customers who have many direct queues, this section of SAFEQ Cloud Web UI provides their end users with the ability to choose their own favorite queues out of all the queues they have access to, apart from the default queues assigned to them by an admin. To see this section, the users must have the ViewUserInputPorts permission.

    5. Location – Select a location. If no location is set on the Print queue, it will retrieve and display the inherited location of the parent node.
    6. Paper size – Select the paper size that will be used for printing with this queue. If you select Not set, the default paper size value from the terminal settings will be used. Note that some applications, such as MS Word, can override this selection.
  4. Click Save.

Editing and deleting Print queues

To edit an existing Print queue, open the Print queues list and click the edit icon. To delete a Print queue, click the delete icon and confirm your action.

General setup, Pending jobs, and Access control

Print queues appear in the SAFEQ Cloud system tree as sub-nodes of the Account. Selecting a Print queue in the navigation tree displays the sub-menu with General setup, Pending jobs, and Access control.

General setup

In this section, you can edit the queue name, Default location, and paper size.

Pending jobs

This section displays a list of jobs and the job owner (user name). If the Print queue is a Pull queue, this list will remain static until the jobs are released by users at the MFD. If the Print queue is a Direct queue, the pending list will show jobs in progress as they are sent to the printer via the Document Output service.

 If you have the DeleteJob permission, you can delete jobs being held in a Pull queue by clicking the delete icon in the pending job list.

Access control

This section allows you to manage who has access to the Print queue. For more information about the roles and access controls configuration, see Access Control.

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