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Configure Scan to My Email

SAFEQ Cloud 2.5 introduced “Scan to My Email” feature on HP and Konica Minolta embedded applications.

With ‘Scan to My Email’ enabled, users can scan documents on MFD and send it to their email -

Local useradd email address of the user in SAFEQ Cloud web console
LDAP authenticated useremail address of the user exists in LDAP user profile
Microsoft Entra authenticated useremail address of the user exists in Microsoft Entra user profile
okta authenticated useremail address of the user exists in okta user profile
Before you can use this feature, ensure that -
1. Message service is running on desired SAFEQ Cloud server – see SAFEQ Cloud Services
2. Atleast 1 Messaging is configured

Embedded Setup

Enable ‘Scan to My Email’ feature while setting up embedded application
1. Enable scan application – tick to enable
2. SMTP config – Choose from available messaging

To know how to deploy embedded application on HP or Konika Minolta devices see – Deploy HP embedded | Deploy Konica Minolta embedded

Using ‘Scan to My Email’

After the embedded application has been successfully deployed, login to the embedded application and find ‘Scan to my email’ application.
for example, on Konika Minolta device, you can find it under App folder from main menu

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