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Containers and access controls

Containers were introduced in SAFEQ Cloud version 2.4 to facilitate the separation of views depending on the customer requirements.

There are multiple ways of using grouping in a container. The following two examples describe the most common implementation of containers in customer setups.

Example 1 :
The customer needs two gateways installed under two different accounts separated from each other. To fulfill this need, you can create two containers, each containing an account and its gateway, therefore, operating separately without any gateway interfering with the other.

Example 2 :

The customer has:

  • a single gateway
  • two different departments in two different locations
  • a need for multiple users to access the view from different authentication providers while using strict domain validation (the users must be allowed to login only against the domain name)

Access control does not apply to gateways and their mapped services. For example, in the Terminal Client service's details, you can map it to any printer from any container or account root's node, regardless of the defined access control.

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