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Gateway on Hardware Appliance

A Gateway hardware appliance can be installed on Customer site to route traffic securely between the primary server and printers.

After the hardware appliance is prepared, you can simply install by following the Server Installation section.

For YSoft OMNI Bridge device, see Setting up OMNI Bridge.

Use cases

The choice of specific Gateway hardware is simply based on the number of printers installed, from 1 to 500. In case more than 500 printers are installed, it is just a matter of installing extra gateways.
The customer can choose to have extra Gateways installed as redundancy in case of network or power outage. For sizing, see Server Requirements, section Recommended server sizing.

Recommended hardware

These are recommendations for specific hardware. NUC kits from Intel have been selected due to small physical form-factor, high quality standards and availability. Appliances with similar specifications will work equally well. Y Soft is not affiliated with any suppliers of hardware appliances.

GW Small (R3)Large (R5)
Model nameAMD LLM1r3RKAMD LLM1r5RK
Hard Disk128GB M2 SSD256GB M2 SSD
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