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Quick start for vendors

Target audience: Vendors.

This guide provides you with information on how to create a SAFEQ Cloud tenant for your customer.

Creating a new tenant (customer)

  1. Log in to SAFEQ Cloud web UI using your vendor account.
  2. Click Create new and select Account.
  3. Fill in the following information:
    • Name – Set a name for the new customer.
    • Domains – The format is <customer>.<region>

      • customer – Replace with the subdomain of the customer account in SAFEQ Cloud.
      • region – Data region. This must match with the region where your vendor account was created.
    • Application name – This name will be displayed when you hover over the tab with SAFEQ Cloud Web UI in your browser.
    • Default language – Select a language from the menu.
    • Default paper size – Select paper size from the menu.
    • OEM Logo – Upload a file with the customer's logo.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the newly created tenant, go to Users and Access > Users.
  6. Click the edit icon next to the Admin account.
  7. Fill in the email address and the password for the Customer admin account. Click Save.
  8. If SAFEQ Cloud is hosted by you as the vendor or by the customer as on-premise solution, enter the license key that you have obtained for the customer in the License section of SAFEQ Cloud Web UI.
  9. Inform the Customer admin of the password and the address of the Web UI. If you have agreed with the customer to do the configuration for them, log out from your vendor account, log in with the Customer admin account, and continue to Quick start for admins. If your customer will be using OMNI Bridge devices, see Setting up OMNI Bridge.
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