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Using an MFD

If your company uses card authentication at the MFD, start with Card registration at the MFD.

Each MFD brand and its SAFEQ Cloud terminal is slightly different. Read the manual for the MFD brand you wish to use:

Difference between push printing and pull printing

  • Push printing – The print job is released immediately. You are not required to authenticate at the MFD. When you are submitting your document, you must select the MFD where you wish it to be printed. This is done by selecting the Push queue which belongs to the respective MFD. 
  • Pull printing – You must authenticate at the MFD to make sure you are authorized to release the print job. When submitting the print job, you are sending it to a pull queue and then choosing where to release it by going to any compatible MFD connected to SAFEQ Cloud. The pull queue is not tied to any specific printer. Depending on how your administrator has set up the MFD, you can authenticate via card, PIN/short ID, one-time password, or username/password.
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