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Ricoh Standard Gen 2 Cloud Terminal

Note that this manual is for Ricoh Cloud Terminal which is in SAFEQ Cloud Web UI called Standard Gen 2. This terminal connects directly to the cloud. The first generation of Ricoh terminal can connect to the cloud only via a secondary gateway.

The following pages describe all the setup and installation steps. Perform them in the order in which they are listed.

  1. Go through the requirements and limitations.
  2. At the MFD, do the initial device setup.
  3. In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, add Embedded configuration and Ricoh MFD.
  4. Install the cloud terminal itself via one of the three available methods: Cloud Terminal installation. From these methods, only the installation from Ricoh App Store requires your presence at the MFD.
  5. In the SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, register the Cloud Terminal.
  6. In some cases, you must perform manual device configuration. For details, see Post-installation device setup.

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